When I look back on my on air career, I realise that I had a plan.
I had no idea at the time. If you asked me “What’s the plan Nails?” You would have received one of my blank looks.
Huh? Plan?
It seems that no matter what we do in life and in our career, that we DO indeed have a design to it.
That is based on our personaity and experiences.
My plan was to travel, work in new and exciting places with interesting people who could teach me as I went.
Heck, I left RTE 2FM to go live in Vancouver…without a job! But it worked out!
The plan was never to stay in the one spot forever.
I have worked with some of the greatest minds in radio and soaked up all they could pass on to me.
I only know that now.
Up to 2007, I did it all by accident.
You have a chance to do it ‘On Purpose’.
Do you have a plan? Some sort of road map? Do you know what you want?

I believe it is very important to ask yourself these questions:
1. Why am I in radio?
2. What do I want from radio?
3. What do I need to do to get there?

My instinct led me to where I needed to go.
Your instinct is leading you too.
The art is in tying in your ‘smarts’ with your instinct to make a killer combination.

When you answer the three questions above honestly, you may even surprise yourself.

Human beings have a built in need to advance and better ourselves. We take classes, go to the gym, try to eat well. We do ALL of these on purpose. We know why we do them and what the end result will look like.

Yet, in radio, I come across people every day stumbing from job to job or staying in the same job, without a plan.
Granted, your plan may not pan out 100% the way you design it…but even if you reach 50/60/70% of your vision, can you imagiine how great that would be?
Or it may go in a totally different direction and be even better than you planned.

You’re doing great – now try doing great On Purpose!