Hey You!
Today I am going to do something different.
Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt (much)!
Today, I am going to get you to do some thinking about your favourite subject.
That’s right, You.
You reading this right now.
Now don’t start to feel uncomfortable about this.
It’s OK.
The nice thing about thinking is that you can do it alone in your own head. Nobody has to know what is going on in there except you!
So, why am I devoting this article to you?
Well, let’s face it – you’re the one who decided to read it.
You’re the one who wants to move forward in your career.
You’re the one who believes that deep down, you have what it takes to make it to wherever it is you want to go.
I didn’t phone you up and say, “Hey, want to get this article thing?”
You did that yourself.
You did that for you.
The reason I say not to feel uncomfortable thinking about ‘you’ is because; a lot of people react in this way when they look at themselves.
Here’s the deal: if you are uncomfortable thinking about ‘you’, then you are uncomfortable with ‘you’.
Let’s try that one again:
If you are uncomfortable thinking about ‘you’, then you are uncomfortable with ‘you’.
Heavy stuff.
If there is anyone in this world we should feel comfortable with, surely it’s ourselves.
At least, that’s how I see it.
So, what’s all this new age malarkey got to do with being on the radio?
(Yeah, come on Nails, where are the tips)??
To be honest, I feel that this is the biggest tip of them all.
I didn’t invent this tip. It’s not my brainwave; it’s just something that I am passing on. It’s
something that has been with us since the dawn of time.
That something is: Confidence.
What a great word.
I feel more confident just looking at it!
Say it out loud: Con – fi – dence!
What does the word Confidence mean to you? I don’t mean the dictionary definition; I mean the ‘you’ definition.
Would you consider yourself a confident person?
Do people come to you when they need help or advice because they know that you will be confident enough to tell them the truth? That you will be confident in your knowledge not to lead then astray?
(I’m getting to the radio bit. Honest)!
Do you have confidence in your abilities?
Do you feel that you can (truthfully) say you are fully confident when it comes to the decisions you make or the reactions you take?
I ask this, not because I want to look deep inside you. I ask this because I believe that in order to get to where you want to go, you first of all have to be confident that you can get there.
You need to go to the shops to buy milk. What do you have to do in order for the milk to end up in your fridge?
You have to open your door, walk to the shop, pick out the milk, pay for the milk, leave the shop, walk home, open your door, go into the kitchen, open the fridge and finally place the milk in the fridge.
That’s nine separate actions required in order to purchase some milk.
That actually sounds like a lot of effort.
Nine different actions needed to attain one goal.
But, you would certainly be quite confident in your abilities to buy the milk, wouldn’t you?
I can’t see you doubting the fact that by the time you got home there would be milk in the fridge.
You knew what you had to do. You had complete confidence.
Nowhere along the way did you think, “Oh but, what if I can’t find the milk in the shop”?
You knew what to do and you did it. Step by step.
You knew what you had to do in order to realise your goal and you did it.
Ask yourself this question – What is it that I want out of my radio career?
Don’t complicate it. Don’t put any obstacles in your way. Just a clean answer to a clean question.
What is it that you want from your radio career?
Your ultimate goal.
Your idea of the perfect gig.
Think big. Don’t think, “Oh but I couldn’t do that”.
Maybe right now you couldn’t. I’m not talking about right now. I’m talking about some point in the future.
What is it that you want?
When you have an answer to that question, ask yourself another one:
What am I going to do to get there?
Only you can answer this.
What actions do you need to take to start the journey towards that goal?
First step (walking out the door), to final step (placing the milk in the fridge).
Then take that first step.
You will know when you are on the verge of greatness when others around you tell you that you have no hope of achieving your goal. That’s when you know you have hit on your big idea.
Other people might ridicule you or they might belittle you for attempting your journey. But with confidence in yourself, you will be able to ignore them.
They have their own journey to go on. Leave them be.
You look after you.
Only you can ever know what you are really capable of doing and achieving.
There are three keys to bring with you as you go out and get your ideal radio gig:
Faith in yourself.
Belief that what you are doing is right for you and for the greater good.
A Vision of where you see yourself going and how it will look when you get there.
I love the expression, “If not you, then who”?
I think it sums this whole concept of taking steps beautifully.
If not you, then who?
Who else will get the gig?
Who else will gain credibility?
Who else will be admired for their achievements?
Who else will feel great about themselves?
Who else will reap the rewards of achieving their goals?
Who else will gain the satisfaction of fulfilling their inner potential?
Might as well be you 🙂