Last week I posted the pic above stating that ‘No PD Will Ever Hire an Asshole’.
It created a bit of a response ranging from – “How come there are so many assholes in radio, then?” and “I’ve met a few” to “And no presenter will stay very long with an asshole PD”.
All true.
My point is – if you go for an interview with a possible future PD, the chances of you getting the gig are better if you are a decent human being. If you are respectful, enthusiastic and can show the benefits of you working in that building.
The PD is a person…just like you. People want to spend time with other people that they like, trust and respect. Maybe even…admire.
That doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions or give opinions, but there’s a big difference between a mature debate and a shouting match grounded in ego!
As Michael Caine said, “Be the class act”. It really does get you further.
As for “I’ve met some assholes in radio”…we all have. Maybe they didn’t start out that way