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Recently a Programme Director approached us. He said he valued our opinion and asked us if we knew anyone good? Someone we have coached? Someone we could recommend? He said there was an air gig going and after listening to demo after demo, he just couldn’t find anything even slightly good!! NOTHING?? No, Nothing!! He didn’t even say they were “OK” His answer ; “Honestly, guys.. pretty crap”
So what’s going on?? Is it that this whole new wave of technology, meaning anyone can be a broadcaster, leaves the one with a passion to be on radio like a needle in a haystack!
The job had been advertised for a while and it was almost the deadline for sending in applications. I was curious to hear some of the demos he received for the on air position. Didn’t believe him? No, not really! I needed to hear with my own ears. So I called up Nails and we arranged to do just that!! There were hours of audio to listen to and we thought, there has to be something in here! So we got to work , listening and taking notes.. the results..ehhhh.. ok….Too much music- If the PD wanted to hear Adele’s- ‘Rolling in the Deep’, I’m sure they could pull it up on their spotify!
Links way too long with unnecessary content.
Messy links, mistakes , “ems” and “ums”!
Really bad quality recordings and gaps!
That was just tip of the iceberg analysis! Yup…tbh, a few sounded like they had never been in a studio before and just took out their phone and started recording! Seriously!
That’s when the Workshop idea happened!
If these PDs are looking to us, asking about the level of talent we coach, then we need to take their message out to a bigger audience.
So that’s what we’re offering in this Workshop:
“How To Get A Job In Radio”
If you’re serious about getting it “Right”, sending in something quality instead of “crap”, come along to our workshop. We seriously want to get down to business and help you get that job. We don’t want to hear another PD’s sob story of how he can’t find any talent!
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Nails & Tracey