Industry Reviews

“Nails ‘gets it’ about Powerful Radio”. Valerie Geller, Geller Media Intl, New York.

“He never listened when I told him to stop being so great on air”. Toni Tenaglia, Programming Mix 101.1 Melbourne Australia.

“He always delivers the ratings”. Paul Kavanagh, MD Riviera Radio, Monte Carlo.

“No frills, no lies. This will stand to you in the future”. Dee Woods, Radio Nova Dublin.

“I soaked up tips and tricks that would stand to me as a broadcaster in Spin1038, KIIS 1065 Sydney and KIIS1011 Melbourne…and came in useful in my TV and YouTube career”. Riyadh Khalaf, BBC3TV.

“This will ignite, or re-ignite, your passion”.  Andy Clarke, PD FRQ-FM.