BOOM TV Ep 4-OnAirCoach; Nails & Tracey put their friend, Robin Banks (HI FM, Dubai) to the test..  Answer just 3 questions, Robin!! Easy?

BOOM TV Ep 3-OnAirCoach; Nails & Tracey deliver the closing keynote speech at the European Radio Show 2018, Paris. Also Tracey interviews Music Radio Creative’s Mike Russell and Nails interviews the European Radio Show organiser, Phillipe Chapot.

Boom Ep.2: Nails & Tracey’s review, air check & verdict on Rock Station, Rebel FM!


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Liz & Reilly -Morning Miz on Mix 94.5FM, Oregon, USA.

Tracey reviews, air checks & gives her verdict on fun, female duo, Liz & Reilly who present the Morning Mix show on 94.5 Mix FM, Oregon, USA

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