Nails’ Article

‘Hey You’ 

By Nails Mahoney

 How’s your day going?  

Did you get that ‘thing’ done?  Was the task you set yourself completed on time? Did that person call? Groceries bought? Car fuelled up for the next journey?

The ‘to do’ list checked off?

Good for you.

Tell you what…you did such a good job of that – why not do it again tomorrow? Maybe with a few different angles, but the same intent.

Then, the next day and the next and….

In fact, you are so great at ‘getting things done’ that you might as well continue until….well, until you can’t any longer. Until your body gives up.

But it’s OK. Someone else will come along and pick up your slack. They’ll pay the bills you paid and buy the food you bought and drive the journeys you drove. So, don’t worry. It will all be fine.

Make sure though that, while you’re able, that you play your part. Otherwise, what will happen if you don’t?

If you open your wallet or purse right now, you can probably count five or more pieces of plastic. A driver’s licence, social insurance type card, swipe card for work maybe and the most important of all – the bank card.

You know it’s important because it has numbers and letters and codes on it. The bank tells you they’re important. So much so that they even send you a ‘special code’ for your eyes only. That four digit code that allows you gain access to the funds in your account when you place the card in the special money machine. ‘Please Guard PIN from Others’. Cover your code as you punch those numbers in….others are after what is yours. You need to protect it at all costs. It’s so important that if you incorrectly enter the digits a number of times, the bank will seize that piece of plastic. Wait, I thought the card was mine…

Let’s go back to that day of yours. The working week…routine….tasks determined and completed. People fed, bills paid, work complete. Continue this way for thirty days and your bank card will be able to access more cash from the magic cash machine in the wall. 

That’s the goal right? Top that bank account up every month. Every single month. Every single year. Until…you run out of months.

What happens to the card then?

Today is Easter Monday.

Eggs were bought and consumed, days out experienced and relatives visited. Tomorrow, all will return to normal. The stores will be filled with reminders that summer is on it’s way and you’ll need appropriate clothes and probably a holiday somewhere nice. Then, it will be back to school time – books and uniforms to buy. Then Halloween, followed by the big one – Christmas Day!

And around and round we go.

Each year.

Not forgetting Birthdays and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and any other day that you can think of. Each belief system has their ‘own’ special days. Just for them.

Special Days require a Special Card to pay for the Special Days.

We get drawn into these days and, in order to support what we believe is ‘true’, make sure that the magic cash machine is constantly topped up. Otherwise, we may let everyone around us down.

Imagine Christmas without presents, decorations or fancy food?

Easter without chocolate eggs?

Mother’s Day without an ‘I Love You Mum’ card and bunch of flowers?

How’s that working for you?

Have you managed to fulfill all of those requirements?

Well done.

Keep doing that until the day you die….because you will die. Your job is to ensure the magic cash machine is topped up so that when you place that special piece of plastic inside it and key in your incredibly secret four digit code….that the world keeps on turning.

Oh one last thing….while you’re here on earth, can you make sure there’s also enough money in the machine for after you depart? So your loved ones won’t have to worry about the magic cash machine emptying on them at any point? That’d be great. Better get back to whatever it was you do, then.

No time to waste. Chop chop. Nearly Christmas…

Are you looking after YOU? Are you seeing to it that you’re OK? Do you stop to make sure that you are happy and that this is what you want? Now is the time. No time is more important than now.

One thing you learn as you go through this journey is that outside influences can act as a distraction. Focusing on YOU is not selfish, it actually benefits everyone. 

Just don’t forget the code.


© 2019 Nails Mahoney, OnAirCoach