Online Podcast Masterclass


So what’s it all about, Nails & Tracey?


You will be part of our 6 week Podcast Masterclass, learning everything you need to make your podcast sound amazing! 


How does it work, guys?


Each week –
We will send you a link for a
40 minute Zoom Conference Meeting
with time and day ..
all you do is click the link and you’re in the class with the others 🙂
We will also organise a
personal 20 minute Private Coaching Session


What do I need to do next?


So,let’s make this as easy as possible for you!
A few steps to get you on your way…


Step 1 – Make yourself a cuppa!


Step 2 – Click the link below…


 Step 3 – Congratulations! You’re now on our Podcast Masterclass!


We will be in touch with all the details about the Masterclass!