Poverty Mindset – It’s Doing You NO Good.

By Nails Mahoney

“I don’t think I’ll ever get a proper job”

“How did he get that gig”?

“I can’t apply for that…they’ll laugh me out of the building”.

Ever hear of the ‘Poverty Mindset’?

You know, you get what you focus on?

I’m not talking ‘Law of Attraction’ or anything here….just basic focus.

If you feel you’ll never get the gig, or what’s the point in applying for that job because they’ll ‘see through you’ – then you won’t apply for it. That’s fairly simple, right?

If you don’t apply for the position, then obviously you’ll never get hired for the position – end result, you don’t have the job.
Self fulfilling prophecy: “I’m not good enough for that job/I don’t have that job/I knew I would never be able to get that job”.

The poverty mindset is easy to get into…it happens gradually over time and can be based on events or circumstances – fired from a job, debt, relationship problems.

Anything negative in your life has the ability to grow into something unmanageable over time. It’s like compound interest: before you know it, it’s quadrupled into a monster.

When you’re deep in that mindset, it can be hard to switch it around. Every routine becomes comfortable after a time….even ones we don’t like. Routine is what we fall back on, it’s a way of defining ourselves. So if your mental and emotional routine is to think that you will “never be able to” and all the results prove that to be the case, then you’ll keep on doing that.

“We become what we think about all day long.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trying to change that routine will meet with resistance. From yourself!

So how CAN you change it.
Well, first of all take a look at who you spend your time with. If your circle is mostly made up of people who criticise and moan and compare themselves to others, then this will feed that mindset. They lack, You lack, We ALL lack!

History repeats itself. If what you have been doing in the past hasn’t worked for you and you feel the ‘why bother monster’ lurking in your mind – try something different! Is it that easy? Nope – never said it was easy. But if you really want something….reaaaalllllly want it – then you need to work for it.

Think about your approach and look at ways to change it. Ask for help with it!!!

Positive Self-Talk won’t change shit if you don’t believe it! Instead of “I am worth it”, get angry with yourself! Do you want no job, no money, no future? No!!! So get pissed off with yourself and go prove to yourself that you can have what you want.

Get uncomfortable – phone those people, submit your application, go for it. Because if you don’t, someone else definitely will.

If there’s a job going, SOMEONE will get it.
If you don’t think you’re good enough, then it WON’T be you.