This Season's Live Online Training

Presenter Training

This is OnAirCoach's Exclusive Training Series: "ADVANCED PRESENTER TRAINING" "HOW TO GET BACK INTO RADIO"
Are you a Radio Presenter and would like to join us for intensive training and coaching: *How to approach stations *How to promote yourself *How you can stand out in job applications *We'll teach you how to maximise all your strengths *How to create your dream career in the industry.
You're in radio a while, picked up a few bad habits you need to shake off, never the one who gets that 'Perfect Show', need some help with your demo or just want to improve on what you already do and freshen up your style again? .
If you've been on radio in the past, still got that itch to get back, but life maybe got in the way and you've had to put that part of yourself on hold? Things have changed / equipment / music and you're not quite sure how or where you'll fit in? This is just the class for you- Step by step from basics to getting you back on the air again.Our classes are by application only and numbers are strictly restricted.

Podcast Training

Exclusive Training Series. If you're a Podcaster or Beginner. Join us for six weeks of intensive training and coaching , where you will learn everything from finding the right microphone to making your podcast sound amazing! The OnAirCoach Training Class is by application only and numbers are strictly restricted.

Individual Coaching Sessions

At OnAirCoach, we have trained over 2,000 Radio Presenters since 2007 all across the world. Many have gone on to become Ratings Leaders in their major markets, Award Winners and have developed very satisfying careers. We can do the same for you. Love to hear from you!

Voiceover Training

You can make extra cash by knowing HOW to get into VO work. Making contact with radio stations & producers is JUST as important as knowing how to deliver copy. Nails & Tracey have 25 years experience each in the VO industry and between them record over 100 scripts a month! Tracey is a former Radio Station Production Manager and Multi-Award Winning Audio Producer. She does this everyday.


Show Pre-Prep