Presenter Masterclasses & Workshops



Presenter Masterclass 

Online Presenter Training Tailored to The Individual.

(Intermediate )

10 people.

6 weeks.

Each week:

40 minute Live Online Tutorial.

20 Minute personal follow up Skype video call.

You must have –
At least one year on air experience.
Hold a regular on air position (part-time/full-time).
Understand the ‘basics’ of radio presentation.
This Class is limited to TEN people. This ensures a small, intimate atmosphere that allows for time with each individual.
The successful candidates will be notified 9 days before the launch date.
The course is delivered over six separate modules, via 40 minute Live online tutorials.
Each week covers a specific aspect of your career.
Participants will be tasked with ‘homework’ based on lessons delivered.


How To Become Known in The Radio Industry.

               Proven Ways To Approach Radio Stations.
               Get PD’s to Call YOU!
               Better Demos, CVs, Cover Letters.

Effective Link Construction/Developing Ideas into Compelling Content/Prep.

               Pace, Tone and Delivery.
               Maximising your Out Cue/Crutches & Cliches.
               Prep – What Is It?/Where to find It?
               Using Detail /Imagery.
               How to maximise the ‘Pause’


Social Media…How To Make It Perform For You.

              Use Social Media ‘On Purpose’.
             Understand How To Expand Your ‘OnAir’ Persona Online.


Find Your Radio ‘Voice’/Develop Your Distinct, Unique Style.

               Why we say what we say on air.
               The psychology behind the words we use.
               Why listeners laugh and why sometimes you should not!
               How to be an effective communicator. Get your message across.


Callers/Prep/Guests. Effective Communication.

               Don’t bully your Listener.
               Using Emotional Intelligence to connect with your Listener.
               Using Social Intelligence to connect with your Listener


Planning Your Next 5 Years. How To Maximise Your Strengths.

              Reach your next radio landmark.
               Where do you want to be? How to start on that road.
Each person will also avail of a 20 minute weekly private skype call where we will discuss your particular needs in confidence.

Who Is This For?

Presenters who already have their ‘feet under the table’ and are comfortable in a studio environment. The purpose is to move you from an intermediate level to a higher level – presentation and career wise.

It’s vital now to be sharp and ready. The people who invest in themselves are the ones who are in position to avail of the breaks when they show up (or create them themselves).

That’s why we are fussy about who joins us on the six week course.

You must be ready to work at this.

Pre-Registration is open now, with the final candidate list formed by Feb.27th for a March 8th launch date.

This course is available to presenters worldwide.

If you miss out on this edition of Presenter Masterclass, feel free to join our waiting list for future dates.




 “How To Get A Job In Radio”

Thanks to everyone who attended our Dublin Workshop at Grand Canal Hotel. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again soon!



OnAirCoach Speaks at BCFE College, Dublin , Ireland