Why Hire OnAirCoach?

Nails Mahoney and Tracey Lee have over 30 years international media experience each.


Nails has worked in Radio & TV in Ireland, the UK and Canada hosting all day parts in major markets such as Dublin, Toronto and Vancouver.  (98FM, Atlantic252, 4FM, Today FM, RTE 2FM, Q102, Q107 Toronto, Z95 Vancouver, Jack FM Oxford). Nails had the most listened to radio show in Ireland and held the No. 1 spot for 8 years. His audio has also aired regularly on the BBC. Since 2008, Nails has coached over 2000 presenters in Ireland, the UK, Europe, UAE, Canada and South Africa and Asia. He is an industry conference speaker for TedX, Next.Radio UK, European Radio Show Paris and International Radio Festival, Malta, Voiceover Artist and also presents the 'Afternoon Gold' radio show every Sunday on RTE Gold.


Tracey is a Radio Presenter in UK, Ireland and Malta since 1987. On air she has hosted ratings winning National Radio Shows on Today FM in Ireland as well as XFM in Malta. Tracey is a Multi-Award Winning Audio Producer  Radio & Advertising Production Manager at South East Radio.  Winner National Radio Awards for Production, Voiceovers & Scriptwriting. Produced work for TV in Ireland, UK & Malta. Tracey now coaches Presenters Worldwide, lecturers (CDETB), Voiceover Artist, a speaker at events including the European Radio Show, Paris and International Radio Festival, Malta. She also present her weekly radio show on United DJs (Tuesdays / Saturday)

Why They're Different From The Rest?

“Because we see the person first. We allow individuals own their feelings, reasons and thoughts.  When we own those, we look after them better. When we own our radio career and know why – we get further because it’s personal. That’s why our methods work. They are organic and person centred. Everything you need is already there – we help you find and nurture it.”

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“Tracey & Nails make it Fun!“

Why Team OnAirCoach Works!

“We’re the Same. Same Vision, Same Dream, but also have our own unique individual strengths! When we get together..BOOM..The ideas just flow! The work gets done! We just get each other!  A real advantage as a team! We love a challenge and watching our clients, not only succeed but seeing their dreams unfold and enjoying what they do! (Nails & Tracey)

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Why Nails As Your Coach?

Nails is a coach, because he believes in backing people. People who have the drive, ambition and talent but just need direction. Each person is different. Nails is expert at highlighting and utilising those differences. “HIS BELIEF IN PEOPLE IS SO ENCOURAGING. HIS COACHING SESSIONS WILL LEAVE YOU RARING TO GO!” “Nails spots potential! He can see YOU and what you can become! He strives to make people recognise that in themselves too! “THIS MAN SERIOUSLY KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT!” “Nails is straight talking, knowledgeable, funny and pays attention to detail. He works hard and has a natural born gift for this stuff! His passion, drive and love for what he does shines through in all he does! (Tracey)


Why Tracey As Your Coach?

Tracey became a coach because she has been doing it all her life! People just seem to gravitate towards her for advice, and what she gives is top notch, No BS..” “SWEET AS HONEY BUT CAN STING LIKE A BEE”  “Tracey coaches in an empathic, supportive and goal driven way. She holds your hand through the rough parts, supporting you as she steers you to where YOU want to go.” “Tracey is a caring, funny, quirky, original, intelligent, free thinking, free spirit person. She sees the BIG picture and helps you colour it in.” (Nails)