OnAirCoach Podcast

Nails & Tracey’s weekly chat aimed towards Audio and Video Presenters.

OnAirCoach Podcast #1

Funny women on radio discussion, Ash London Live (2DayFM, Australia), Liza Tarbuck (BBC Radio 2), Rebecca Mbonde (Jacaranda FM ), Social Media posting , Dr Daniel Siegel, BOOM TV 3 Questions with Broadway Bill Lee (CBSFM, New York) and Robin Banks (HI FM, Oman), 3 Radio Stations to listen to when you’re in South Africa, Taking a leap into the unknown and all the info about their Online Masterclass starting Mid April. www.onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #2

 Fired From your Radio Show – What do you do? Channel 4 104.4 in Dubai is bursting with Good Talent (JJ Thompson, Jacob & Nimi). Morning Show gals, Liz & Reilly (94.5 Mix FM, Oregon, USA) are put on the spot with 3 Questions for Boom TV. OnAirCoach chats to Mike Russell (Music Radio Creative) and..That Broadway Bill Link!!@onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #3

Radio..It’s just Fun, isn’t it?, Radio Futurologist, James Cridland’s article; “Lazy Radio” sparked off discussion, How to fill that..”Time” and Jack FM, Oxfordshire. If you’ve never been on radio, but would like to give it a go, Our new show; “Radio Star” is for you! We are searching for the Next Big Radio Star! One Winner! @onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #4

When things don’t go according to planDouble Acts can fall on their arse too…Christian O’ Connell moves to MelbourneAre you happy on your radio show? PLUS – The Road to Happiness…and why everyone should have a station PD like Gord Eno from CJJR, Vancouver! @onaircoach.net