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Nails & Tracey

Chat aimed towards Audio and Video Presenters.

OnAirCoach Podcast #1

Funny women on radio discussion, Ash London Live (2DayFM, Australia), Liza Tarbuck (BBC Radio 2), Rebecca Mbonde (Jacaranda FM ), Social Media posting , Dr Daniel Siegel, BOOM TV 3 Questions with Broadway Bill Lee (CBSFM, New York) and Robin Banks (HI FM, Oman), 3 Radio Stations to listen to when you’re in South Africa, Taking a leap into the unknown and all the info about their Online Masterclass starting Mid April. www.onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #2

Fired From your Radio Show – What do you do? Channel 4 104.4 in Dubai is bursting with Good Talent (JJ Thompson, Jacob & Nimi). Morning Show gals, Liz & Reilly (94.5 Mix FM, Oregon, USA) are put on the spot with 3 Questions for Boom TV. OnAirCoach chats to Mike Russell (Music Radio Creative) and..That Broadway Bill Link!!@onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #3

Radio..It’s just Fun, isn’t it?, Radio Futurologist, James Cridland’s article; “Lazy Radio” sparked off discussion, How to fill that..”Time” and Jack FM, Oxfordshire. If you’ve never been on radio, but would like to give it a go, Our new show; “Radio Star” is for you! We are searching for the Next Big Radio Star! One Winner! @onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #4

When things don’t go according to planDouble Acts can fall on their arse too…Christian O’ Connellmoves to MelbourneAre you happy on your radio show? PLUS – The Road to Happiness…and why everyone should have a station PD like Gord Eno from CJJR, Vancouver! @onaircoach.net

OnAirCoach Podcast #5

#5- How to handle changing from one format presentation to another, Social Media & Radio…How to make it work, We were guests on American Media Podcast; Bandwidth on Demand with hosts; David Martin & Kipper McGee, Will Radio exist in the future?, We asked Canadian Rock Legend, Jeff Woods 3 questions for BOOM TV…PLUS…”Radio Star”-How You could WIN your own radio show!

OnAirCoach Podcast #6

Nails & Tracey’s weekly chat aimed towards Audio and Video Presenters. 

#6: Is Facebook Making You Stupid?, Less and less live shows…Is The Live Presenter Becoming Extinct? and A Radio Station That puts You To Sleep! @onaircoach.net 



OnAirCoach Podcast #7

#7 – Being A Presenter- Why It Is Essential To Have Support From Others, International Radio Festival Coming To Malta , Kids On Radio , Is Radio Killing Radio?, Top 3 Dad Podcasts,

10 Non Bullshit Ways To Be A Better Presenter & Find Out What Tracey’s Big Problem is and How Nails Copes With It…


#8 – Our Big Announcement and How we are celebrating it.How Our Last Podcast Changed Someone’s Life. Radio Station Uniforms.A Fascinating Experiment We Carried Out in Our Home.A Revolutionary Invention That Will Change The World and…Has Radio Really Gone to The Dogs?



OnAirCoach Podcast S2 #1

S2 #1 -“Show Pre-Prep”- How it can make your presentation even better. It’s worked for OnAirCoach clients and also for our special guest we interviewed ; Andy Preston (FM104, Dublin, Ireland). Andy is a household name and one of the longest running radio presenters in Ireland. “How To Piss Off A Radio Presenter”…It’s our new book! , Mispronunciations of bands / artists names- Ever happened to you? Collaboration- How you can benefit from others in the same industry. An OnAirCoach mini masterclass – “How To Read Liners”, Our winner of our competition; “Radio Star” and…”The Power Of Sound” – How you can make it work for your radio show, podcast or any presentation.


OnAirCoach Podcast S2 #2

S2 #2 – 
“Theatre Of The Mind”- Does it still exist? We chat with Brady C (Hot 98.3, Savannah, Georgia) and Jesse Reynolds (Jesse & Jenna Messy Podcast- Ottawa)
Tips from Brady and Jesse on how to make your presentation work even better with social media. 
“Radio For Over 60s” ..What’s out there? Not much actually, but we found a few including Angel Radio, UK, United DJs and Radio Format Expert, Curt Krafft who wants to make more radio for seniors. 
From The Archives- (From The Attic of Tracey Lee’s Mum) -A recording of Kid Jensen on Radio Luxembourg, playing a request for her 1st Birthday in 1974.
A recording of Tony Prince on Radio Luxembourg.
United DJ’s Launch with Mike Read.
PRESENTATION TIPS- “Elements Per Link” – Listen to our Mini OnAirCoach Masterclass. 
Have you ever taken a leap into the unknown? What happens when you do and what’s stopping you trying. 
November 1st- We will be speaking at the International Radio Festival, here in Valletta, Malta with Our “Power Of Sound” Presentation. 
Looking forward to seeing you there.


OnAirCoach Podcast S2 #3

S2 #3-

With Presenter Trainers of OnAirCoach ; Nails Mahoney & Tracey Lee.
It’s been a while….Nice to be back!

It’s Nails Mahoney and Tracey Lee. C’mon in and jump onboard the OnAirCoach!! It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice! What have you done for your fellow presenter lately? Little things mean a lot in radioland. Let’s make that work for you! You’re more than ‘just a Radio DJ’..find out why! How to sell the music, whilst selling your personality and your station to your listener. How to make your listener come back every time! Questions! Why they’re the ultimate key in your radio career. News on our ‘Presenter Weekly’ Newsletter AND The Return of RADIO STAR!! Sssssshhh some secrets too..but sssshhhhhh don’t tell a soul, ya here….