Be Like James Brown.

Monday morning arrived and I opened up the laptop for the first time since Friday evening. There were emails and messages and links to deal with. No problem! Two days of unwinding meant I am in a great position to take on the new week. There was a time (up until mid-2020) when we worked seven days a week and […]

Food Glorious Food!!

Listening to breakfast shows in London and Melbourne yesterday.  Want to know one thing that really worked? When the presenters spoke about food!! Food? You bet. One show ran a piece on how to eat chicken wings properly The other show debated doughnuts. Easy, right? Welllll…yes and no. It’s a simple topic but the simple ones are the hardest to screw […]


Based in Malta, we have a great chance to listen to FM radio from here…and Italy. The FM signals from Sicily blast across the water and into our kitchen radio…and it’s really interesting to scan the dial.  This week we were tuned in for the most part to networked Radio 105 (Radio Cento Cinque) and it’s an amazing listen. Format is quite […]