We live in a competitive society. In order for you to succeed, someone has to fail. If you apply for a job and twenty other people also apply for the same job, then it makes sense that twenty will be unsuccessful. What happens when you are one of the twenty? What happens when you are constantly being ‘beaten’ by others? […]

Keep Doing This If You Want To Work In Radio.

If you have:* Taken a Radio Course.* Sent out Demos and CVs.* Made contact with a few PDs. And you still don’t have a job in radio.> It’s not because you are no good.> It’s because you stopped there. You need to keep going…and then keep going…and then keep going…until you get the job.When you stop trying…everything stops.It’s not easy […]

Can You Take a Break?

It’s OK to take a break for a while.If you are looking for radio work and feel burned out by the search…it’s OK to stop. The right opportunity will turn up but you can only take it if you are in the right emotional state.Being exhausted or burned out will do you no good.Sometimes, the best ideas arrive when stop […]

How Much Does The Job Pay?

“It shouldn’t be about the money”. That’s a phrase we heard a lot in the past. Maybe it’s been said to you. In fact, it was so entrenched in radio’s psyche that we, as presenters, were afraid to ask “How much does the job pay?” in case asking the question was used against us.  As if radio was some sort of vocation […]

Radio Age Gap.

Reading an article titled “What’s The Best Age Gap in a Relationship?” got us thinking about…radio (of course!!). The general consensus is that a three to seven year age gap is considered best.  Taking all of the reasons out of the equation for the moment (reproduction, socio-economic) and looking at the bare fact…we wondered if this spills onto presenters. Is […]

Why New York Radio Underwhlemed us.

When I was a kid, radio in the US was pretty much the holy grail when it came to broadcasting. Z100, KISS FM, Y100, WNEW, TIC-FM…they all sounded amazing. We drooled over the Rick Dees American Top 40 and thought there was no one quite like Casey Kasem. If you happened to be lucky enough to travel to the States (or if a friend […]