“Radio Doesn’t have a vast talent pool”

Radio GPT, I’m all for what you are doing but saying “Radio doesn’t have a vast talent pool”- I totally disagree! and “AI is a critical asset for industry growth” ? No! There is plenty of radio talent out there, absolutely thousands of people screaming out for a place to show what they’ve got! The Talent is MOST DEFINITELY out […]

AI taking Radio to a whole new level

#RADIOGPT …Ok, this is scary. I’m laughing here…because it’s actually very good! Seriously we’ve come a long way since the DJ 3000 in the Simpsons episode! The AI presenters don’t sound like robots, in fact their inflection is exceptional. They ‘ride the intro’ effortlessly and even have a sense of humour! The local knowledge is incredible. Quick, snappy, quirky local […]

What Can You Learn From Comedy?

This is a picture of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. Two of the biggest names in TV comedy during the 70s…reaching over 20 million viewers. Think ‘Ant & Dec‘ multiplied by ten and you get the idea.Why have I decided to show you a picture of two comics from 40 years ago? Take a look at their faces. Look how serious they are.  […]


It’s heartbreaking hearing about the devastation sweeping across New Zealand with recent floods , a cyclone and earthquake. It’s one of the worst weather events in the country’s history. Lives have been lost, families being forced to evacuate their homes, farms & livestock washed away and hundreds of thousands of people are without power. But one hero through it all […]

Rejection – How to Cope.

How does it feel to be rejected? Not nice! That just about sums it up! In this business of ours, rejection is part of the process. Whether that’s job rejection, idea rejection, or rejection by being ignored.  We face rejection every day. Only yesterday, two people unsubscribed from our weekly mail-out. That’s a form of rejection. Did we like that? No, […]


● Radio listeners usually listen alone. It’s personal. ● Being honest touches people. ● Find new and original angles. ● People lie in research. Never trust it. Instinct is King. ● Make lots of small decisions. ● BE HONEST. BE TRUE. NEVER FAKE IT. BE REAL. ● Be humble. By Nails Mahoney

Does It Have To Be So Complicated?

We spoke to a group of Programmers recently about how radio needs to make presenters a priority in 2023. The presenter being the connection between station and listener. It opened up a nice chat. It also brought out the ‘complicators’!The ‘complicators’ take a very simple premise and add in anything that might be unnecessary. * “There’s more to radio than just […]


FINGERS CROSSED!!Taxi driver – Took driving lessons. Passed the test. Bought a top quality vehicle. Puts petrol in the vehicle. Insures and maintains the vehicle. Carpenter – Goes to school and trains to become a tradesperson. Hones the skill. Consistently improves and develops own style and invests in their craft. Lawyer – Goes to university for four years. Takes on […]


Following on from our recent post about preparing for the future.Massive feedback to that, so we wanted to add a few points from our own personal experience. I started coaching in 2007 with a very definite plan – I wanted to work with presenters. Plain and simple.Like everything else, it has developed into more than that and now, after Tracey […]


ONE BIG CAREER MISTAKE PEOPLE IN MEDIA MAKE…* Believe they have unlimited time to succeed *Imagine I said “You have 10 years to create and establish your career”.Ten years to get everything done.Once the ten years are up, you need to stop and whatever you have done and whatever you have created ends.Done.Over.Ten years. – What would you do?– Would […]

How to not get a Job.

Message from a Presenter: “I’m thinking about applying for that position with (Radio Station)”. That won’t get you the job. Ever. Look at it this way – a job you are interested in has become available. * You have a choice – either apply or don’t apply.* They are the only two actions you have to decide upon.* “Thinking about” […]


You download a podcast on purpose and take the time to listen to it. The subject is interesting to you; informative,educational,entertaining…you have a reason to listen! OnAirCoach recently ran a survey. We asked different age groups – ‘What do you do for entertainment and do you listen to radio?’ These are just some of the replies. * 74 yrs – “No, I don’t really listen to […]