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That dreaded word!!!
* But an aircheck should NOT be something you dread. The whole idea is to you help improve your show…that should ONLY ever be a good thing.
This is for you if:
– You haven’t been airchecked in a lonnnnnnnng time.
– Have bad feelings about airchecking and so avoid them completely.
– Feel your show is not getting the attention it needs.
“They helped me become the person I want to be on air”
Kolter Bouchard, 102.1 The Edge Toronto.
What We Hear:
– “I’m getting NO direction”.
– “My PD has never been on air so doesn’t get what it’s like”.
– “I’ve lost my way on air and need to kickstart things again”.
“They don’t give you this advice anywhere else. No one else does this.”
Ross Carey – Pure Radio Scotland.
We will:
– Listen to your audio.
– Compile a written report with ideas and tips you can use in your NEXT show!
– Send you the written report and / or hop on a live 60 minute call with you.
“All you have to do…” (Great radio crutch there…!)
– Send 3-5 mins of scoped audio via MP3.
– Tell us if you would like written only report or written report and call.
– Arrange a day and time to talk.
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“This is completely original. I love it” 
Bjornar Pederson, NRK Norway
* written only: €65
* written + 60 minute call: €95
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