Would you like 10,000 Facebook Followers?

With Facebook changing its Algorithm (again!), it’s becoming harder and harder for people to find your page and engage with you (unless you’re willing to pay for it).

However, it’s a daily up-hill battle.

The same ten people liking and commenting on your page, not only looks bad, but is also harmful for your page. It basically means, Facebook will restrict your content to those people and their top contacts.

Our 40 Minute Facebook Class will help

In this class, we will go through all the ways you can develop a new audience, keep them engaged and interacting with you.

We’re delighted that Jason Collins has agreed to co-present this class with us.

Jason started his own dedicated page at the same stage as all of us – with no followers!

He just cracked the 10,000 Followers mark and is now considered a Premium Page by facebook.

Take a look at one of his posts here…see the ‘Shares’? 922!!!

That’s 922 people who forwarded his post to their page. 

Do the maths on that and you can see how the name ‘Jason Collins Radio Presenter’ can now be seen by thousands of people…from that one post!

On that last point – Imagine you apply for an on air position. The employer clicks your Profile. What do you want them to see? 130 friends and pictures of you on holidays or sitting with your cat…or thousands of Followers interacting with you on a professional level? It’s a no-brainer.

  • This is a Once-Off, 40 Minute class, in mid-March.
  • The cost for the class is 39euro.
  • It will be delivered online through Zoom Video Conferencing.
  • The class is Live and interactive – we will answer all of your questions, in person.

Jason Collins has worked hard at developing a page from zero followers to 10,000.

He’s made the mistakes and learned through trial and error (as well as research!)

Let him show you how YOU can develop your page so that you are seen by a wider audience and gain loyalty from your followers.

Email us at info@onaircoach.net with the heading ‘FB’ and we can tell you more.

Click the button below or email info@onaircoach.net with the heading ‘Book FB’ and we will sort you out.

Oh and…feel free to post this on your Facebook feed (see what we did there???).