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Whether your dream is to host a breakfast show or Saturday mornings…our 2 -Week course, will show you how to:


• Make yourself known to the players in the industry.
• Create the ideal Audio Demo.
• Construct the best CV and Cover Letter that will actually be opened!
• Identify your unique strengths.
• Isolate potential on air problems and fix them immediately.
• Give you some extra skills.


Have you sent out demos and CVs to Programmers and Radio Stations in your area and beyond and NEVER HEARD BACK from them?
Frustrating, isn’t it?
It’s actually the NUMBER ONE problem people have when it comes to getting a foot in the door in the industry.


We devised a method that makes it possible to be seen and heard by the people doing the hiring.


The system works! So far, this year, eleven of our students have begun their radio careers. Eleven people who would otherwise still check their emails daily for messages that would never arrive.


If you feel you have what it takes to make your mark or that you would like to find out for sure, then you need to take action.


“I still use all of the tips you taught me up to today”
Riyadh K, BBC Radio 1.


Like any system, this will take some work, effort and dedication on your part in order to ensure you get the results you want.

Once you have their attentionthe next phase is impressing them!

That’s why we work on your Audio and clean it up so that it’s ready for sending off.


This includes:
• Your On-air style and delivery.
• Crutches that may be holding you back.
• Content.
• Link Construction.
• Imagery.
• Your unique on-air persona.


Then your Written Content:
• CV.
• Cover Letter.
• Email Body.


So: Our Job is to GET YOU NOTICED and then once that has been completed, we need to make sure your AUDIO, CV and COVER LETTER are up to standard and will back up your claims.


We do this every week.
Our system is uncomplicated and effective.


By cutting out all of the confusion and giving you a PLAN…you can be on air too.


“They showed me how being myself would get me hired !”
Kolter Bouchard, 102.1 The Edge Toronto


If this is something you have always felt you would like to pursue but never knew how or thought it might be too difficult to achieve...let us show you how to do it.


People are being hired all the time…why shouldn’t you?



How long is the class? – 90 minutes.

Do I need to travel? – Nope. It’s online via video call.

When is it? – Wednesday, April. 21st and April 28th at 7pm (or we can schedule a time that works for you, too).

Is it a recorded Seminar? – This is a 100% Live and personal class.

What’s the cost? – 110Euro. This includes all notes/exercises and our 42 page book
‘Radio On Purpose’.


“Literally, the best at what they do”
Steve K Spin 1038 Dublin



(Spaces Limited to 5 People)

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