If you work from home or are being asked to due to Corona Virus…here are a few things to think about.

1. Don’t stay in bed. It’s tempting to lie-in but bad for your head-space. Get up at your usual time, eat breakfast, get washed and dressed as usual. The only bonus is – no commute! Otherwise, it’s work as usual.

2. Breaks. Again, because you have no one looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to slack off. Schedule your breaks and try to stick to them.

3. Internet. Logging onto social media won’t help. A bit of discipline is needed. Maybe check your twitter and insta during one of those breaks we mentioned!

4. Breaks (Part 2). Not taking a break will exhaust you mentally. Don’t over-do it.

5. People. Try to connect online through voice or video with other workers. It’s easy to feel dis-connected from the world when you are at home all day.

6. Go back to point #1 – get dressed. Sitting in your PJs all day is not conducive to ‘getting stuff done’!

7. Keep your workspace tidy. Even if it is the kitchen table, make sure the laundry doesn’t get in the way of your laptop screen 😉

8. Enjoy. Working from home can be fun and free-ing.

Just remember, it IS called ‘Work’ ing 😉

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