You're Fired!

Mike Silverman, a Denver lawyer and radio talk show host on KNUS is well known for expressing his opinion,  but right in the middle of his Saturday Show, whilst criticising President Trump, the station suddenly went into a news report, the manager walked in and said;”you’re done”.

It’s still not clear whether it was Mike’s negative Trump speech on the show or the fact he had been on other competing radio stations expressing his opinions. 

Along with co-host, Dan Caplis, they had one of the top radio shows in Denver due to their debates and pushing the boundaries.

The station has removed all his content from their website including 5yrs worth of podcasts. 

Silverman : Ït makes great radio when people can disagree, but something about Trump and impeachment – my colleagues don’t want to discuss it, and they don’t want any disagreements”.


Radio Ratings Day Down Under

Triple J steal the show in the Australian Radio Ratings (Aug-Nov ’19) as their Breakfast duo Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton say their goodbyes and move to Nova, Adelaide.

Triple J are celebrating their highest figures in two years, increasing its overall audience share to 6.4%  (6.3%)

2GB retained their position as “Most Listened To Station In Sydney.” 13.3% (13.4%)

Smooth 95.3  – 9.3% (9.2%)

KIIS 1065  – 9.0% (9.1%)

104.1 2Day FM  – 3.9% (4.5%)

WSFM –  7.6% (8.2%)

Nova 96.9 –  7.6% (7.6%)

Dutch Century

Today marks 100 years of radio in The Netherlands.

In our English speaking world, we often think only of UK, US, Australia etc when it comes to great broadcasting…BUT…stations such as Radio538 and Radio10 can teach us so much about Pace, Tone & Delivery

Take a listen to these stations and notice how their content is compelling, even though you may not understand a word!

Plus, who doesn’t attach the name ‘Hilversum’ immediately to media??

The Hague, 1919 is where and when it all began. There’s a really good article and interview about it here

Swingin' To The Top!

Sometimes it’s nice when you make news yourself…and in this case, it’s one half of the OnAirCoach team, Tracey Lee, who gets the kudos.

Tracey has been hosting a weekly show on the Tony Prince DAB/Online UK station United DJs since January. 

Due to the station policy of allowing its DJs to pick their own music, it’s been a journey of different styles for her and because of that artistic space, she has hit upon a real winner.

“Jazzin It Up” is the show title and it does exactly what you would expect – Swing, Jazz and Big band from Sinatra, Michael Buble and Eartha Kitt...you get the idea.

The show is uploaded to MixCloud every week and after just two weeks on the platform has become the 9th most listened to Swing show worldwide! Let’s see where it’s at by the end of the month.

Part of what we do here at OnAirCoach is show presenters how to find their unique voice…sometimes it can take up to a year but when it happens, it’s magic! Just like this.

You can currently check out “Jazzin’ It Up” on Tuesday evenings at 7pm on uniteddj.com and on DAB in various cities across the UK or the Mixcloud page.

Smokin’ !! 

Gay Byrne RIP

(Nails Mahoney)

It’s no exaggeration to say that, during his radio and TV career, he changed how a nation regarded itself. That in itself is a testament to the genius and talent of Gay Byrne – who passed away today aged 85.

It is also not overselling him to name him (imho) as one of the greatest, naturally gifted communicators the world has seen.

As host of the Late Late Show on RTE television from 1962 to 1999, he interviewed anyone and everyone who was great and important at the time…from movie stars to musicians, from singers to actors and from politicians to sportspeople. His radio show provided the morning soundtrack to a nation on the move. He challenged, cajoled, joked and poked. Sometimes grumpy, sometimes cheeky, sometimes probing and sometimes giddy…but always with a class and seemingly unrehearsed style.

‘Uncle Gay’ or ‘Gaybo’ as he was affectionately called, his shows sparked conversations and debates long after the studio lights dimmed.

My own experiences of him are small, but significant to me. As a young lad in a singing group, appearing on the Late Late in the 70s and seeing ‘HIM’ standing there. That feeling of awe. Years later in the RTE canteen as I embarked on a fledgling comedy career with Sean Hughes, where he smiled and said “Ah yes…I saw you…very good indeed”. The seal of approval!

Tributes today include Piers Morgan: “A master of his craft & a charming, brilliant, hugely influential (in a good way) man.”         Footballer Paul McGrath: “A man who has always been so kind to me over my career.”         President of Ireland: Gay Byrne was someone who exuded warmth and presence, who was possessed of effortless wit, charm and who had a flair for broadcasting.”

There will never be another like him.

A special edition of the Late Late Show will air tomorrow night on RTE TV in tribute.



Stations across the UK out and about yesterday for Fireworks night.

Two things matter.

Number One: Actually being there and being seen by your listeners. Nothing makes you more of a relevant entity than being part of what your community is doing. 

Number Two: Telling everyone that you were there!

It’s the old sales adage – Tell them what you’re going to do. Do it. Then tell them what you did.

Here are our friends Josh & Kally from Capital South Wales at Caldicot Castle. Looking well and nicely branded (not too over the top and not ‘try too hard’).

Golden Touch

Whenever your favourite presenter takes a week off, it can be a lottery as to who fills in and how they perform.

This week though, we have the pleasure of having Al Dunne sit in on the RTE Gold breakfast show for Will Leahy.

Al runs Unique Media in Dublin during the day (his proper job) and presents regularly on Gold as it is. He is former PD of Atlantic 252 and was one of the brains behind the launch of the original 4FM in ireland.

His smooth delivery, great prep and easy wit can teach us all a bit more about how to control a show and stay connected to the listener.

Catch him from 6am here


Imagine finishing up a show that you have loved and one that made your reputation? Then…imagine a few weeks later, starting another show that seems tailor made for you!

John Humphrys is living that right now. Not long after finishing up on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, we find him on the morning shift at Classic FM from London. Sounding as though he has been doing this style of radio forever too.

Want to hear how he sounded and also read a comprehensive review? Check out David Lloyd’s blog here.

New News

It’s day one for LBCNews…the first national ‘Rolling News’ station for the UK.

It’s been a long time coming. This format has been active for many years on stations such as 1010WINS in New York and News1130 Vancouver.

The template is simple…no commentary no speak of, no phone-ins, no debates…just the news.

The station is on DAB but also 1152AM, which makes it readily accessible around the country.  We are really looking forward to hearing how it progresses over the next few months. 

Listen on the Global Player.

RAJAR Up & Down

Zoe Ball and the new Heart breakfast show seem to be the biggest losers and winners of the latest RAJAR figures (released at midnight when you were asleep!)

Zoe’s BBC Radio 2 morning show dropped over 300,000 listeners. That’s a total of almost a million since the new show began. Yikes.

As for Jamie Theakson and Amanda Holden...wee, theire new show is up. In fact, it’s now the fourth biggest breakfast show in the UK with 4.5 million weekly listeners. OK, that could be heavy listener sampling and things will probably level off…but it’s a very good start and one that the Global heads must be delighted with after all of the chaos that was predicted after networking kicked in.

The other big news on the networking front is the Capital breakfast show with Roman Kemp. This is the mirror opposite of Heart and has dropped over 140,000 listeners. In fact, Capital overall are losing heavily, especially in London where Magic FM are close to overtaking them.

Moyles at Radio X and Evans at Virgin are both up.

More here 

Ben and Gone

After eight years running the show, BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and the Asia Network – Controller Ben Cooper is off.

He’s been given credit for developing their online presence massively. If you go onto Radio 1’s social media, you’ll see what that means…it’s relentless. 

It’s a hell of a gig to give up. 

ACRAs Handed Out

The Australian Radio Awards (ACRAs) were handed out in Brisbane over the weekend.

Big winners included:

Best Music Presenter: Gemma Maddox – Hit104.7 Canberra.

Best Talk Presenter: Ben Fordham – 2GB, Sydney.

Best Newcomer: George Sargent – 2BS, Bathurst NSW.

Jonesy & Amanda  from ARN picked up the huge  ‘Best On-Air Team (Metro)’ award. This is the third win for them over the years.

Full List of Winners here

Country Music Has Lost A Star

Bob Kingsley has died.

He started as a Radio DJ  in 1959, then on to PD.

In 1974 he produced the nationally syndicated “ American Country Countdown” and the host in 1978; winning Billboard Magazine’s Syndicated Program of The Year 16 years in a row. In 2006, Bob and wife Nan began Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40 which today runs on 320 stations globally.

“I love the music and the people who make it and I want our listeners to have as much insight into both as I can give them, and to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.” – Bob Kingsley

Award Winning Career

We see Lifetime Achievement Awards handed out to people in the industry all the time…usually, high profile presenters or powerful management types. 

We feel people like Jim Sweeney should also be recognised. After leaving Atlantic 252 in the 90s, Jim moved to evenings on LMFM in Ireland…and finished his TWENTY year stint there over the weekend! Congrats Jim…you’re in out Hall of Fame !

Online Awards

Big fans of this!

The online radio awards have been handed out in Hilversum,

Winners include:

Best Online Station: KINK

Best Podcast: Man, Man, Man

Best Presenter: Domien Verschurren

Looks like a great event and how good is to see presenters, shows and stations recognised like this.

Goed gedaan!

How'd it go Joe...?

Oh sure, we’re always banging on about how the doom and gloom merchants say radio has no new openings or opportunities…and yet, people continue to start new jobs!

Joe Carden began his new life as morning show presenter on BFBS in Colchester today. A great gig with a long-standing organisation.

You’ll find he has been quite active on Mixcloud and Soundcloud over the past few years and this looks like the ‘big’ break for him on radio.

Well done Joe. We hope it’s your best job ever 🙂

Jump to the Beat!

Another new gig…and they say there are no opportunities in radio anymore??

Congrats to Mr. D who has made the move to 91.5 The Beat  in Southernwestern Ontario to run the 7pm to Midnight slot.

As is the way these days, he can also still be heard on Jump Ottawa and Fresh Radio in Cornwall Ontario.

As the song (almost) says – “Nice gig if you can get it”.

Virgin Kelowna

Another name from the past consigned to the history books.

Sun FM in the beautiful town of Kelowna in British Columbia Canada has re-launched under the Virgin banner.

The switch happened very quickly on air: a one day tease and then, all change. On Air staff are the same though – let’s hope it stays that way as Kelowna listeners are very loyal to their radio hosts. 

Give them a listen, see what you think.

East Coast Update.

East Coast FM has a great reputation in Ireland. Based in Co. Wicklow, just south of Dublin, the station has nurtured and developed many big names in the radio and TV industry. It’s also a fabulous building to work in – the atmosphere and feeling is among the best in the business. 

Both look set to continue as Gavin Dowd has been handed the Mon-Fri late night slot from 8pm.

This isn’t Gavin’s first rodeo at East Coast, plus he also cut his teeth on air at FM104 in Dublin. Best of luck from us Gavin !

Golden Moment.

Remember when Christian O’Connell moved to Melbourne and people wondered how he would do?  He’s done OK!!! Latest ratings show that he has helped Gold take the number one station position away from Fox FM. Shouldn’t really be a surprise but never under-estimate how difficult it is to replicate success in a new country…no matter how popular you were in the previous one. On a human level – congratulations to him: hell of an achievement.

Fresh Breakfast

Looking forward to this one. New weekend show on Radio Essex kicks off in a couple of weeks with Ross McGrane.

Ross splits his time between comedy and radio (currently supporting Russell Kane on tour).It’s pretty difficult to find comedians with radio savvy…he has it… and that’s why we reckon this one should work out.

All the best with the new gig Ross.

RadioStar Winner

After 4 months, over 250 entries from UK, Europe, Africa, Australasia and North America…we are finally able to announce the Winner of RadioStar 2019, as chose by over 70 industry judges…hailing from Camrose in Alberta, Canada – Congratulations to Ethan VanVaals !

Ethan hosts mornings on ‘New Country 98.1‘ and will soon also be heard on Fabulous 103 in Pattaya. That’s along with comprehensive training and Show prep from the wonderful people at ‘Radio Warfare‘ (Susan and Francis – their support has been outstanding). 

Stay tuned or RadioStar 2020… !

Radio Declan

He’s one of the classiest and nicest people in the Irish radio industry.  He’s been there/done that and designed the t-shirt. From pirate radio, to Super-Pirates, to national radio with RTE and TodayFM. Declan Meehan is a voice instantly recognisable across the airwaves in a time when voices blend together. This week, he celebrates 25 years hosting The Morning Show on East Coast FM in Bray. That’s one heck of an achievement.  Any time we’ve bumped into him there, he always has a big smile and hello. A class act.

Congrats Declan. You deserve all of the recognition and plaudits.

Maltese Bay

Big Congrats to 89.7 Bay for once again coming out top of the pile in the Malta radio ratings.

For such a tiny country, Malta has it’s fair share of stations. Oh sure, some can be of a rougher standard (small town, low power) but the big national hitters such as Bay, Magic and XFM all sound slick and well programmed.

With a mix of Maltese and English language presentation, Bay also has the Number 1 breakfast show with Daniel and Ylenia (pic opp)

Check them out for something different!

Departures & Arrivals

It’s the nature of things, isn’t it?

As one legendary career ends…another (potential) one begins.

And the longer you stay in the industry, the more of the ‘old guard’ broadcast their final words and the new breed learn how to style theirs.

Best wishes to Laura Sanders who begins her adventure on Free Radio WM and also to John Humphrys, seen presenting his final Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

New Look Q

Dublin’s Q102 just launched their new look website.

Main changes include new pics of the on air folk (although not all of them)…‘Recently Played’ icons just underneath the status bar and a ‘Highlights’ section, which seems to be a collection of in-station promotions.

Overall, the look is cleaner and tidier, the ‘Listen Live’ feature launches quickly and the stream sounds nice and ‘chunky’!

Just replace the ‘microphone’ icon and get pics of the rest of the on- air people and it will be a nice new look.

RIP Cokie Roberts

The word ‘Trailblazer’ is used quite a lot…not always in the right context. With Cokie Roberts, the term is more than apt. Cokie was a massive influence in shaping how TV news was formed in the USA. From NPR in 1978 to joining ABC ten years later, she rose to become one of America’s most influential commentators and interviewers.

One thing you can learn from a person like this, is to always believe in what you are doing and surround yourself with people who will back you in that. 

Read about her life here

To The Maxx

Just showing that when you stick at what you are doing, are consistent and knock out great shows every time you’re on air…you do eventually get your reward.

Charlie Maxx has been heard on Mix 95.7, 96.5 The Point, Alice 104.5 and B101 in Philly. She has written for industry website FMQ and on the Prep Service for ReelWorld and most recently behind the mic at weekends for WXTU-FM (Country)…where she now takes over the 7pm-Midnight slot full time.

Keep the dream alive, stay classy and give something unique and your time comes.

Congrats to Charlie!

Their Number's Up!

If you live in Europe or North America, the New Zealand radio scene may be a bit ‘foreign’ to you. Heck, it’s unknown to a lot of Australia too! 

Check out some of the stations there if you haven’t already.

The latest ratings (released yesterday) show that nationally The Edge  (CHR) is the top performer followed by the More FM network (AC) and then The Breeze (Classic Hits).

Good news for our friend Brent Harbour in Auckland and his team at MediaWorks..

Check the numbers here

He's Off to Auntie

From the ‘Good Things Happening to Good People’ file…former QRadio morning man Stephen Clements (who left the show at the start of the summer after 7 years on air ) is all set to join Auntie Beeb in Belfast.

The Stephen Clements Show starts on the 23rd and will run from 10:30 to noon on BBC Radio Ulster. What a great gig and we’re delighted for Stephen…a class act in so many ways.

No More Morning Raina

Raina Douris Host & Writer of Mornings on CBC Music. 6-9a, Mon-Fri, across Canada has announced she is leaving. 

Raina was named Best Radio Personality in 2015.

i can’t tell you where i’m off to yet but i promise you haven’t heard the last of me. it’s hard to express how grateful i am to the @cbc and to YOU, for listening. thank you… and stay tuned!

Born To Boogie

Industry awards are lovely. If you’ve ever won a gong for your work, you’ll know what it can mean and we’re big fans of larger companies handing out awards among their staff. 

Bauer are good at this.

It creates a sense of belonging and shows that the ‘bosses’ actually care. In one of our recent polls, we asked presenters what is important to them. The results said that, after making a living, ‘appreciation’ and ‘recognition’ are most important.

So, congrats to ‘Boogie In The Morning’ on Forth One in Edinburgh for picking up the ‘Best in UK’ award.


Fixed That For You

The domino effect is always interesting…especially in radio.

One of the lessons you learn as you go through your career is that patience and hard work brings it’s own reward.

Last month Dara Quilty left his PM Drive position in 98FM Dublin. That slot has now been taken over by Brian Maher…and Brian’s old 7-10pm slot (‘The Fix’) is now the responsibility of Ciaran O’Connor.

Ciaran has been working on his craft on weekends/nights and as swing announcer as well. 

His reputation as a skilled, funny, creative and competent presenter and person has grown to the point where he was probably the obvious replacement for this gig.

“I’ve gone from a 15 year old radio nerd, walking into the studio of a community radio in Dundrum, through college radio, onto weekends/nights with 98FM and now a full time bloody feckin’ radio presenter on one of the capitals biggest stations”.

Ciaran starts his news show at 7pm next Monday (16th).

Knock ’em dead!

Just the Fax

Congrats to 1070 C-FAX in Victoria BC Canada – 60 years old today.

Back when rock ‘n; roll was developing, a 1,000 watt AM service took to the airwaves for the first time broadcasting in daylight hours only (so that they wouldn’t interfere with the KGO signal from San Francisco!) It was the city’s third radio station.

Since then, C-FAX has become the powerhouse in the Capital. Every market has it’s ‘grown up’ station…C-FAX is just that!

No word on any on-air celebrations yet…let’s hope they mark the occasion in some way.

Art for Art's Sake

Great news for fans of the late Art Bell and his ‘Coast to Coast AM’ show – you can now spend the rest of your life listening to it!!

The Art Bell Vault has been launched and contains masses of his on air work.

UFOs, paranormal activity, parallel universes, time travel…it’s all in here for you to listen to again and again.

Art Bell began his on air life in the late 70s before ‘Coast to Coast’ developed as a free-form call in show.  

Find out how to access tha Vault here 

He Getz It

In our quest to take on the Nay-Sayers and poo poo (yes, we said ‘poo poo’) the doom and gloom merchants…we bring you MORE GOOD NEWS!!!

Toronto radio gets a brand new evening host. He is Kevin Getz and he’ll be heard evenings (7pm-Midnight) on 102.1 The Edge.

Kevin arrives in from Vancouver after various stunts as swing guy with KiSS Vancouver as well as a respected VO, animator and web host.

Toronto listeners are very active and vocal. The big leagues demand a big effort – we reckon Kevin has it in him to make this a success.

Knock ’em dead!

Absolutely Brilliant News

More great news from the radio industry in the UK.

Not long after his time as Breakfast Host at Gold in London ended, Tony Dibbin has landed himself a bloody amazing gig – starting Monday morning, you can hear him on Absolute 70s!

Now, that’s how you get back in the game!

Tony is a former Atlantic 252 man and went on to make the breakfast show on Gold his own. 

He was recently heard on Channel 103 in Jersey.

We’re all delighted here for Tony – he is a class act, a great presenter and (funnily enough) this format will probably make him sound even better!!!

Congrats Tony, from all of us here at OnAirCoach.

Top of the Q

Huge congrats to Ryan A at Q Radio in Belfast.

This week sees Ryan move from PM Drive to take over the Breakfast Show after Stephen & Cate finished up last month.

Ryan is a great guy. We’ve had the pleasure of working with him quite a bit over the past year and he just ‘has it’. His radio brain is finely tuned, he has a musical ear (which is really important), knows how to speak to his audience and possesses a charm and wit that will suit mornings perfectly.

His old shift has been filled by Ibe Sesay while Cate Conway moves to a new evening slot.

Great news for a great presenter – well done Ryan. A new era in mornings for Northern Ireland.

New on the Hill

We always like to give a show some time to bed-in before commenting on it. That courtesy was extended to Ottawa‘s newest morning show…but now the gloves are off!!!!

Ha ha…these guys are great.

‘The Biggs & Barr Show’  (With Pastie Jamie) on 106.1 CHEZ (pronounced locally as ‘SHAY 106’) takes over where their 97.7 HTZ-FM show left off.

There’s pedigree here too: Jason Barr worked with Dean Blundell on The Edge in Toronto while Chris Biggs is a former Mix 99.9 (now Virgin) presenter.  Together though, they have a distinct and natural chemistry that will  definitely add spice to the FM band in the capital city.

The pic opposite captures their energy really well. Not your regular happy, light and fluffy morning crew – these guys have an edge (pardon the pun) and it will be interesting to see how the likes of Boom, Hot 89.9 and Jump react (if at all).

RIP Les Adams

Very sad news – the passing of Les Adams.

Les was a pioneer of BPM Mixing in the UK, starting his career in 1979. His skills were in demand in the biggest clubs in London as well as by record companies such as A&M

Known as ‘The Mix Doctor’, his mixes were used by club DJs worldwide. He was editor of ‘EQ Magazine’ and was awarded seven gold discs.

As for radio – 7 years as host of the ‘Capital House Party’ in London before joining BBC Radio 1 and Solar Radio. 

Les last worked with United DJs with his friend Tony Prince, who said “God has just inherited one of the greatest ever mixing DJs.  My heart is broken.” 

The station will run a tribute show to him later this afternoon (Tuesday Sept 3rd)

RIP Les.

First Day!

When we hear so much about presenters working their final show on stations, you could be forgiven for thinking that radio is a bleak place to be these days. Not so!

Best wishes to Ryan Taylor who becomes the new mid-afternoon guy on KLFM in the UK today.

Ryan tweeted:I’m absolutely delighted to have been offered a weekday show as part of a big line up change at KLFM, to go alongside my Sunday morning show.”

It’s good to spread good news !

Fabulous Move

Here at OnAirCoach, we have had a great relationship with the folks at Fabulous 103 FM in Pattaya Thailand – especially with the man behind the station, Tommy Dee. They are our ‘RadioStar’ flagship station. NOW, the ‘Fabulous’ message is expanding. Next week sees of the launch Fabulous 102.75 in Phuket! Live Presenters, live interaction and local news from 6am to 6pm every day (after which the two stations merge). In a time when the industry is flogging doom and gloom, isn’t it great to see a company grow and ADD people to its roster? Tommy Dee has always been forward-looking in his business dealings and adamant since day one that “radio is about entertainment”. Phuket is in for a ‘fabulous’ surprise when the new station launches.

Job Well Done

Here’s a sight you won’t see too often in the future – a man voluntarily ending a forty-year career working the same job at the same radio station!  

Can you see that happening in 2039?

Congratulations to Noel Roberts who ran the board for the final time on RTE Radio 1’s flagship morning show ‘Morning Ireland’ today. Behind him sits his grandson…looking proudly on. 

Noel most likely started off using the reel to reel tape, white pencil and tape to edit, with a full ashtray beside him. Times change and the old guard move on…it’s our duty to make them proud. 

Happy Retirement Noel.

Had His Phil?

Last week Dara Quilty (formerly 98FM Dublin) announced he was leaving radio...this week, it’s Phil Ray in the UK. We’ve been fans of Phil for a good few years and always liked his ability to get things done while staying classy and discreet. On his LinkedIn page yesterday though, Phil announced that he is leaving the business : “Totally my choice and I promise, no one else’s.” Over the years, he has been part of the set up at Peak FM, Viking and Gem. He’s been a class act and the industry will miss him. Is he gone forever? “Never say never” is his reply ! Yeah...he’ll be back 😉

Sharp As Ever!

Channel 103 in Jersey has been attracting some new and well known names in the past few weeks. Former ‘Gold’ morning man, Tony Dibbin, had a stint there a couple of weeks ago and now it’s the turn of Pat Sharp! The Jersey Weekender Festival is coming and Pat will be on air from 6-7pm hosting the Weekender Warmup. We’re huge fans of Pat Sharp...he’s very giving and always ready to chat to whoever takes an interest. In fact we stumbled upon a community station in England a few weeks ago and caught him chatting away to the show host. He still presents his syndicated show ‘All The Hits’ worldwide and runs a Saturday morning show on Greatest Hits Radio in the UK.

Father & Son

How would you feel if your son, daughter told you they wanted to do be a radio presenter just like you? Would you encourage them or tell them to run a million miles from it?… read more

Jack’s Back.​​

It’s not that unusual for a presenter to leave a station and then come back a few years later. A lot of us have done that over our careers. It’s not too often we have a situation where an actual radio station returns though. CHTT-FM (Victoria BC in Canada) spent from 2004 to 2015 as Jack FM (that’s right, part of the Jack brand.) The format had a good run, “Playing Whatever We Want” for eleven years before morphing into KiSS 103.1 and becoming a full-on CHR. The KiSS brand had been rolled out nationally and was a solid player (KiSS Vancouver is alive and well and has a particularly strong morning show with Kevin & Sonia). Victoria though is a tough market - you have Virgin, The Zone, The Q (legendary station), Ocean and CFAX snapping at a 100,000 person pie. So, Jack has come back! Jack 103.1 has a new morning show with veterans David (Larsen) and Heather (Backman). Good luck to them...although their website needs a bit of TLC (as you can see from the screen grab).

Dara Quilty Leaves 98FM, Dublin Ireland.

After eight years hosting ‘The Big Ride Home’, Dara Quilty is calling it a day at 98FM’s PM Drive Show...and at the station. Dara has been one of the brightest lights on Irish radio over the past decade. Staring out driving jeeps and running OBs for Spin 1038, he very quickly caught the attention of management (and other presenters) with his first demo. His route to the top was fast...from overnights on 98FM to full time on Spin 1038 and eventually the flagship Drive show on 98FM...winning a handful of Radio Awards on the way! Include his TV work and music career and Dara has lots going for him in the future. Taking a risk is not always easy but Dara has the talent and smarts to pull this off and be more successful than ever, His pal Brian Maher takes over from Monday 28th August. ​

Boom! It’s a New Idea!

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas...they’re few and far between. When they show up, we feel the urge to promote them! One of the PDs we admire is Troy McCallum at Boom 97.3 in Toronto. He has written for our ‘Presenter Weekly’ in the past and has a fantastic outlook. Boom have started an online video series called ‘The First Time’ where they ask musicians to talk about the first time they heard their song on the radio. It gives us a really nice insight into how musicians feel and what radio means to them.Nicely shot and produced too...which always helps !

Something Xtra.

Do you listen to Capital Xtra? Have to admit, here at OnAirCoach, it’s one of those stations that has passed us by a little...sort of like Heart80s...we know it’s there but just never pay attention to it. When a new breakfast show pops up though, it’s always a good time to tune in.
Yinka and Shayna Marie have been announced as the new duo in charge of mornings there. They take over from September 9th. Good luck to them both.

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