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Smash Prep Free for All Radio Presenters During COVID-19
Smash Prep, a brand-new music radio prep service, is now free to all radio
presenters as the COVID-19 crisis impacts the broadcast industry.
Co-developers Francis Currie, international radio consultant, and Bam, renowned
UK radio presenter, have waived all
subscription fees for broadcasters. It is available now, free of charge, until at least
July 1 2020.
Smash Prep provides a real-time stream of fresh content so presenters always
have something new & engaging to say about the music.
Whether it’s an artist’s or band’s response to COVID-19, or an update on anything
else, Smash Prep has it covered with everything about that individual artist or
band all on one page.

Smash Prep artist content includes:
∗ Twitter
∗ Twitter Mentions
∗ Facebook
∗ News Feeds
∗ You Tube Channel
∗ Spotify Previews
∗ Hot links to
o Instagram
o Artist’s Website
o Song Facts
o Tour Dates
o Wikipedia
o Song facts


“Radio stations are currently under huge pressure commercially, technically and
creatively, and their listeners need them more than ever. Releasing Smash Prep
without charge is our small contribution,” 

Francis Currie.

“Smash Prep helps you miss nothing. It keeps you on top of what artists and bands
are saying on their socials, and that plus news headlines all on one page is a great


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