Everyone is Different. That's why YOUR coaching session is tailor made to suit YOU!

This Season’s Live Online Training


We have three different Presenter Training Courses available to you.

BASIC: We cover everything! From the ‘3 Rules of Radio’ to ‘The Thinking Behind The Talking’. This Six Week Course has it ALL.

ADVANCED: For the more seasoned pro, this is where you get to discover who you really are on the radio. We delve deep into ‘you’ and bring that out on air. This is the course that will bring a new feeling of joy to your on air work. From ‘Pre-Show Prep’ to ‘Why Radio is 1-On-1’ (you’ll be surprised)…this course is only for those who are really serious about being the best.

HOW TO GET BACK INTO RADIO: Have been on the radio in the past and have that itch to get back? Maybe life got in the way and you’ve had to put that part of yourself on hold? Things have changed since you were last on air and you’re not quite sure how or where you’ll fit in? We can help with that. 

Don’t have time to dedicate to a multi-week course?

Our 90 Minute Intense Coaching will work for you.

Whatever your needs, we will deliver our ‘Crash Course’ version for you.

Think of it as ‘crib notes’ for exams. All the essential information is contained within the 90 minutes.

Presentation, VoiceOvers, Demo Construction, Podcasting…you tell us what you want to learn.

BUT…be prepared to work hard for the 90 minutes…because WE do!

We specialise in our  ‘How To Become Known in the Radio Industry’ 90 Minute Coaching. That course is incredible!

How many times have you recorded and edited your demo…only to go back to the start again because it wasn’t “good enough”?

Our Live Demo coaching fixes that.

We record with you!

Take us into your voice booth as you record your links and we will coach you through the steps so that you have the best demo possible.

Be that for Presentation or Voice Over.

We then produce your demo for you to the highest standard.

Or, if you already have your audio for a Presentation demo ready to go…let Award Winning producer Tracey Lee create the ‘sound’ for you.

What is an aircheck? It’s where you are right now as a radio presenter. So, where do you want to be? What it is NOT, is a fault finding session. 

Why are our onairchecks different? We take your audio and break it down. Our formula works.We both have 30 yrs in the radio industry under our belts on National stations worldwide. We are experts at this now! Two pairs of  professional ears, better than one! We usually spot something different in each link.

Nails is the motivator and destroys all your obstacles

Tracey makes you feel like you can do anything! 

We guarantee you will come out of our aircheck session beaming, motivated, confident, very happy and ready to take on the world! How about it?  Oh!!!…did we forget to tell you… We actually ‘Give A Shit’! 


No idea how to go about starting a podcast? You’re not alone.

At the end of this Six Week Course, you will have recorded and published your first podcast!

How will this happen?

We take you from the very basics – Equipment, Speech and Microphone Techniques, Content, Focus, Themes, Guest Booking, Interview Skills, Publishing, Marketing.

Our course is designed so that you can confidently create and host your own podcast within the six week time frame.

We hold your hand every step of the way.


Do you know that you can make extra cash from your home through Voice Over work?

You don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment, studios or software. This is one of our most popular courses.

Throughout the Four Weeks, we will take you from zero to being the proud  owner of your very own professional VoiceOver audition demo.

The training is intensive but we deliver the results you want. Start making money with four weeks from your home.

All production supplied by Multi-Award Winning Producer Tracey Lee.