It’s a Harsh Reality of Radio…

“How do I get into radio?”
Here’s what you need to ask…

➡️”Why would I WANT to get into radio?”

* What can radio offer you that other mediums can’t?
* What can radio offer you career wise, in the long-term?
* What makes radio a more lucrative proposition than other mediums?

Only you know the answers to those questions.

⭐When we coach new clients, the first thing we ask in 2023 is – ‘Why radio?’
⭐Then, we hit with some hard realities.

It’s vital that people starting out in the industry understand that radio alone will not support them.

Jobs are disappearing, mega-corp is taking over and wants to hire already-established presenters. We see and hear from our past clients every week about the ‘big boys’ downsizing staff numbers.

❓Why would a new comer want to be part of that?
Well, if you are in radio already, you know the answer to that one:
Radio is a drug. It’s a high. No denying that.
But drugs don’t always serve our needs well.

➡️Ask yourself: what do I want from radio?
✔️Is it to create content? – Youtube and TikTok will do that.
✔️Is it to share music? – Spotify etc will scratch that itch.
✔️Is it to share my thoughts? – Try Substack or Podcasting.

For every reason, there is an alternative option.

If I was starting out in 2023, I would:
a) Launch a YouTube channel.
b) Get on TikTok.
c) Blog.
d) Podcast.
e) Work on a volunteer radio station once per week.

In that order.
Notice how ‘actual radio’ is last on the list.

The radio industry will never be loyal to your needs…just it’s own.
Only you will be 100% loyal to you.

We decided that we will no longer train people who “want to be in radio”.
It worked up until abut 18 months ago but now…we are like any other training body: preparing you for a job that most likely won’t exist.

What we do now is train you in ALL forms of media presentation:
Video, Podcasting, Voice Over and Social Media Content. Then Radio.

📻Radio Schools and Presenter Courses will train you up…no doubt about that.
➡️But before you enrol, ask yourself:
* What happens after I finish the course?
* Are there jobs?

If you still want radio and feel compelled to be part of the industry – then go for it. We wish you ALL the luck and happiness in the world.

Just be prepared and go into it with your eyes wide open.
* Things have changed in the past five years.
* There are less options than ever before.
* Anyone who tells you different is probably just looking to get some money out of you.

We’re here if you want the truth.

By Nails Mahoney