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“Many thanks for all your help”
Mark Lee
Music Director/Afternoon Drive Z99 Cayman.
I learned how to be who I really want to be..
Kolter Bouchard
Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Canada
I picked up so much in the workshop that I have used in my career.
Riyadh K
BBC1 | Author | Documentary Maker
They get it about powerful radio.
Valerie Geller
International Radio Consultant, New York.
Been doing radio for a looooooong time.Had lots of bosses, lots of mentors, listened to a lot of coaches. THIS is probably the single greatest piece of advice ever given to radio announcers. ESPECIALLY those on Breakfast Shows.
Dominik Diamond
JACK 96.9FM, Calgary
I've learned so much from your videos..
Jesse Reynolds
Jesse & Jenna Podcast, Canada
Very inspirational.They are experts and always on hand to assist.
Louise Bugeja
VO Artist, Bolton, UK
Nails & Tracey are amazing at what they do. I couldn't recommend them enough.
Curtis McCosh
Cool Afternoons, Cool FM, Belfast,UK
I have yet to experience an air check that comes close to theirs.
Dara Quilty
98FM, Dublin
You guys are leading the way..
Nights With Keebler, Q104, Kansas City
Thank you both for this brilliant and well put together course.
Melanie Storman
VO Artist, Dublin, Ireland
Their mailouts are always on point and to the point. No nonsense.
Jason Dee
International DJ, Dubai, Australia, Dublin.
I have consulted all over the word and they are among the best I have seen.
Paul Kavanagh
MD, Riviera Radio, Monaco
Tracey & Nails showed me how to kick ass and take names.
Justin Marshell
Mornings Kool 101.5 Alberta Canada.
I would trust them with any project, any day.
David Kaye
Voiceover, Los Angeles.
Wow! I love how you guys explain things.
Sriram Sullia
Fever 104, Bangalore India.
You will come away with incredible tips and advice. And have a lot of fun too! .
Ryan A
Breakfast, QRadio N. Ireland.
Thanks for the push .
Jeff Woods
Syndicated Host, Toronto.
Nails and Tracey brought out a new side I didn't know I had.
Drew Dalby
104.9 The Wolf, Regina SK.
Thanks for actually giving a shit! .
Ross Turnbull
CamGlen Radio, Glasgow.