How to not get a Job.

Message from a Presenter:

“I’m thinking about applying for that position with (Radio Station)”.

That won’t get you the job. Ever.

  • The first thing I would look at is how you speak to yourself.

Look at it this way – a job you are interested in has become available.

* You have a choice – either apply or don’t apply.
* They are the only two actions you have to decide upon.
* “Thinking about” is not an action, it’s a stalling process. Either do it or don’t do it.

Why is that important?

Well, how you speak to yourself is vital.
‘Thinking’ is non-committal. It sends a signal to yourself that you may not be good enough.
* Do you ever only think about making a cup of tea or do you just make it?
Simple example, but you would be fully confident of being able to boil a kettle etc. You can make tea. No problem.

Professionally, when I hear people say they are ‘thinking’ of something, I automatically know that they are not confident enough yet to actually do it.

Plus, if they do it – it won’t be good enough because they are not committed to themselves.
It’s very important for you to believe and feel that you CAN send off a demo and you CAN expect a reply from the radio station. Confidence without arrogance.

Every day at OnAirCoach we see CVs and hear demos from people who will never get ‘the job’…because they are not confident about it.

For me, that’s vital.
What you send out, comes back to you.

By Nails Mahoney