Strip The DJ!

If The Smiths were releasing songs now, they would have to rename one, “Strip The DJ”.

That’s what has been happening slowly over time.
The radio presenter has gradually been stripped of personality, originality and innovative creativity.

Form Guides, short sighted formatic rules and fear have reduced the role to selling contests, selling music and selling morning shows.

We have moved from entertainers to content creators.

Do you really care what a listener has in their coat pocket?
Then stop asking them to text in because no one else really cares!!

Want to make a ‘bit’ out of it?
Then, THINK!!!
– Get uncomfortable.
– Be bold with wild abandon.
– Challenge the status quo.
What can you do that’s new and original?

Want to get more from your presenters?

– Ask less.
– Trust the person you hired.
– They’re originals.
– They have something unique.
– Recognise their talents and strengths.

Nurture them.
Don’t strip their talent away.