Grace Nicoll

Grace Nicoll

Presenter @ Global | Continuity Announcer

Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

About Grace

I am a presenter at Global, the UK’s largest commercial radio company, where I host the weekends on Heart Scotland, one of the most popular and trusted radio brands in the country. With over a decade of experience in the radio industry, I have honed my skills in creating and delivering captivating and informative audio content for diverse audiences and platforms.

Besides my role at Global, I also work as a continuity announcer at Channel 4, the UK’s leading public service broadcaster, where I provide the voice and personality that connects the channel’s varied and innovative programmes. I have a passion for video and audio production as well as new media, and I have collaborated with BBC The Social, a digital platform for creative talent in Scotland, on several online projects. I enjoy exploring new ways of storytelling and engaging with audiences across different media.

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Grace On camera

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E4 Ident Promo Read

The first ident to feature the new green ‘4’ aired at 7pm. Announcer: Grace Nicoll. TX DATE: 3rd May 2023. COPYRIGHT: Channel 4 Television Corporation.