AI taking Radio to a whole new level

#RADIOGPT …Ok, this is scary. I’m laughing here…because it’s actually very good! Seriously we’ve come a long way since the DJ 3000 in the Simpsons episode! The AI presenters don’t sound like robots, in fact their inflection is exceptional. They ‘ride the intro’ effortlessly and even have a sense of humour!

The local knowledge is incredible.

Quick, snappy, quirky local bits! They scan social media and websites for local news and info in realtime!

Overall it’s got a great pace and I am absolutely fascinated by this!

The Radio Presenters call themselves ‘Entertainment Assistants’ on RADIO GPT.

Oh and the music is rather good too!

This is happening, people! This is not a drill… Watch this space!

Click on link below and scroll down to listen to the sample!

Wait…the sample is from ‘Springfield’ area! Hmm… The Simpsons are at it again! 🙂