What Can You Learn From Comedy?

This is a picture of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. Two of the biggest names in TV comedy during the 70s…reaching over 20 million viewers. Think ‘Ant & Dec‘ multiplied by ten and you get the idea.Why have I decided to show you a picture of two comics from 40 years ago?

Take a look at their faces.

Look how serious they are. 

This is one of the very few times they posed together in this way. Usually, it’s smiles and funny poses and all that you would expect from ‘funny men’.

Not this time.

This time, they are showing a different side to their personality.

That’s a massive strength.

When you show another side to the perceived view of who you are, you add another dimension to your character.

Let your listener hear that other side of you occasionally. It has great power. 

By Nails Mahoney