4 March 2019

Last week’s news that the Global entourage are sweeping in, making changes and closing 10 radio studios out of 24, which would result in a lot of staff being let go came as a real shock for a large number of Radio Presenters in the UK.

Who could be affected? 

Another reminder of how easily anyone can be bought and sold. The ‘not knowing’ and worrying what the company will do next is reminiscent of a ticking time bomb, uncertain as to how long more they will have that job. They’re confused, exhausted and anxious! It’s almost like time is standing still. With one handshake they’ve just wiped away all you’d been working towards.

A year ago we discussed this on our Presenter Training Podcast ( S1 E2) – What to do when you get fired from your radio job. It might come in helpful for you or someone you know.

Over the last few days, there’s been a real sense of camaraderie between presenters. Seeing that support for each other is incredible. We might be a little competitive against each other at times, but when it comes to the crunch and something like this happens, we are so bloody good at being there for the next!

My news feed has been full of Presenter posts offering support to others, sharing similar experiences, advice or just a shoulder to lean on. When it comes to Radio Presenters, we are probably one of the most understanding bunch in any industry. It’s incredible.


It’s  causing a sense of insecurity amongst them. If one company like Global are doing this, it could happen somewhere else next week. Who knows?  A job you have today, could be gone tomorrow.


Keep Learning – *As we call it; ‘The tools in the belt”. Get hands on in production, voiceovers, learn to read the news, sport, train in sales and other areas within the radio industry.



Get savvy with your social media, interact with PDs, other presenters. We have a book about this ;  Radio On Purpose – The Fastest Most Effective Way to be ‘Known’ in the Radio Industry.


Keep your CV up to date with all relevant experience mentioned. 

I’ve already seen fresh demos up on soundcloud/ mixcloud this week from UK presenters.

Be aware, the rug can be pulled from your feet at any time. It’s an ever changing industry with more advanced technology all the time, but I believe those darn robots will never kill the radio star. Your listener wants Personality! You can get your music anywhere online BUT the job of a music radio presenter is to SELL the SONG to THE LISTENER!

By Tracey