Gotta Be Cruel To Be Kind

Sometimes a PD has just got to be plain right brutally bloody honest!!

You’ve  got someone on air, you see they have potential…If ONLY!! If ONLY they….yeah…“But how do I say it to them!!”

Ok, you got the job as PD – this is your chance to make that person shine!

You can see that hidden ingredient!! What’s wrong??

Don’t know how to approach them?? Don’t want to hurt their feelings?? What is it??

Okay, so, just leave it!! Yeah, they’ll be ok. Yeah, just chug along nicely doing their thing. Keep doing that thing on air that makes you cringe!!!

I mean, they’re OK. They’re doing all the other stuff right – playing the ads, reading out the promos, not breaking the playlist, they Forward Sell, do all the right stuff…but oh.. That thing they do!.. And if they could only..ehhhh… yep.. They’d be so much better!!

STOP!! ….You’re the PD !! Hey, you’re doing a great job running the place, but you know what?? Wouldn’t it be nice to help someone along the way. They will thank you in the long run!!

Most of us with bosses who , at the time, felt like they were giving us a hard time, will probably agree; That boss taught us a few lessons!! Not just in the Radio Station, but in life in general!

It’s time to stop treading on eggshells around your presenters, give them some ‘cruel to be kind’ treatment if you think they deserve it , and maybe they can take something from it to make them a better presenter and even a better person in life!!

You may be surprised!! You might actually see them shine!!!.. And guess what – you’ll feel good and proud to have played a part!!

By Tracey