Taxi driver – Took driving lessons. Passed the test. Bought a top quality vehicle. Puts petrol in the vehicle. Insures and maintains the vehicle.

Carpenter – Goes to school and trains to become a tradesperson. Hones the skill. Consistently improves and develops own style and invests in their craft.

Lawyer – Goes to university for four years. Takes on a Masters degree. Interns and eventually lands a junior position in a law firm before moving up the ladder.

Presenter – Thinks “I could do that”. Tries to do it with zero experience or training. Grumbles after two years because they’re “not getting anywhere”.

* If you want to develop a career as a presenter and grow that career so that you become the very best and earn a great living…you CAN’T do it if you don’t invest in yourself.

* The presenters who are succeeding now are the ones who believe they are WORTH investing in.
They believe they have something to offer and make sure it is the best it can be.
Otherwise…they become just another ‘wannabe’.

Don’t be a ‘wannabe’.
You owe it to yourself.

By Nails Mahoney