Following on from our recent post about preparing for the future.
Massive feedback to that, so we wanted to add a few points from our own personal experience.

I started coaching in 2007 with a very definite plan – I wanted to work with presenters. Plain and simple.
Like everything else, it has developed into more than that and now, after Tracey Lee joined forces in 2017, we offer Life and Career coaching to presenters across the world.

Here’s the thing.
This doesn’t happen overnight.
If you are looking at sidelining right now as a producer, researcher, podcast editor, content creator…whatever your choice, just know that it will take time and effort.

When I say effort, I mean more effort than anything you have done before.
For example, we have seen radio people try their hand at coaching over the years and good luck to them all. We have also watched the vast majority quit after a few months because it takes SO much of your time and eats into your life.

You need to WANT this more than anything and you need to have a reason for doing it. Saying “It would be fun to do (whatever)” is not a strong enough reason. This needs to be something you jump out of bed for everyday.

We are CDETB accredited trainers and have qualified as Career Coaches and Life Coaches because we feel this makes us better all round mentors.
That takes time, study, effort and dedication.

Not everyone can be (or wants to be) a full time coach. We’ve seen potential coaches come and go over the years because it takes over your life. You need to be commited to coaching seven days a week. SO, pick the route you want to go…production, research, imaging. Whatever it is.

If you do decide that your chosen path is the right one – give yourself a ten year plan. It will take that long to establish yourself and solidify your reputation as the ‘go to’ person.

It’s a big choice and one you need to think about carefully.
Doing it because “it’s fun” or for a few extra coins in your pocket will be a sure way to fall by the wayside after a few months.

And buy a good coffee mug…you’ll need one for those late nights 🙂 !

By Nails Mahoney