Radio Age Gap.

Reading an article titled “What’s The Best Age Gap in a Relationship?” got us thinking about…radio (of course!!).

The general consensus is that a three to seven year age gap is considered best. 

Taking all of the reasons out of the equation for the moment (reproduction, socio-economic) and looking at the bare fact…we wondered if this spills onto presenters.

Is it possible that radio listeners are attracted to on-air voices who seem ‘older’ than them? 

Would an eighteen year old listen to another eighteen year old or would they prefer someone in their mid-twenties?

How about a fifty five year old listening to talk radio? Do they want a younger or older voice?

You can’t control your age (or your listener’s) but it’s worth noting that the gap between you may in fact be a good thing.

If your attitude to that age gap can improve your performance by even an extra 0.5%…isn’t it worth investigating?

By Nails Mahoney