Why New York Radio Underwhlemed us.

When I was a kid, radio in the US was pretty much the holy grail when it came to broadcasting. Z100, KISS FM, Y100, WNEW, TIC-FM…they all sounded amazing.

We drooled over the Rick Dees American Top 40 and thought there was no one quite like Casey Kasem.

If you happened to be lucky enough to travel to the States (or if a friend went over) a cassette of FM radio was an essential bring-back! One of the reasons I ended up working on radio in North America was from this early admiration for the US model. They invented radio showbiz! My first PD was from Nebraska and further instilled that love for fast-talking, fast-moving FM presentation.


Well, now our old friend is sounding a little…jaded.

After one day listening to Z100, NEW 102.7 and CBS-FM, we can only say that it was all a bit…meh.

Yeah Scott Shannon is a legend and of course Broadway Bill is a one-off…no contest. Elvis Duran is doing what Elvis Duran has always done. It’s all tight and focussed and slick.

But…compare it to, let’s say Kyle & Jackie O in Sydney and you are on different planets. 

New York…what does that conjure upExcitement, danger, thrills, fun, unpredictability…yet on the radio…none of that exists. 

One thing I don’t associate with New York is the word ‘sanitary’. Yet that’s how the radio felt. 

Minimal interraction from presenters, snazzy imaging and clean commercial breaks. Nothing to set the heart aflutter.

The Hits in New Zealand, Capital in London, Spin 1038 Dublin, Virgin Montreal, Fox Melbourne and more are doing it better and creating fun, interactive radio. Why is that?

>>> Do you know of a radio station anywhere in the US that is killing it? Ler us know. We really want to listen and have our faith restored <<<

By Nails Mahoney