Over the past week, we have helped radio stations in Ireland, the UK and Canada find people to fill vacant jobs. They came to us because they can’t find the right people! Can you BELIEVE that???

Radio stations can’t find decent presenters and decent presenters say they can’t find radio stations!
There’s a problem in communications there somewhere!!

  • Do you know if your demo is ‘up to scratch’?
  • Are you sending the right demo to the right people?

It’s massively important that, before you send an audio demo off to a radio station, that you send the ‘right’ demo.

  • The demo should fit (or come as close to fitting) the station’s format as possible.
  • If your demo does not fit the target station, consider making a bespoke one for them (I did this in 2014…got the job!)
  • You get six seconds. Make the most of those six seconds at the start.

We’re running a Three Week Crash-Course starting next week that will:

  • Get the right demo to the right people.
  • Update the cover letter and CV.
  • Put you in front of the peope who are hiring.

If you’re up for the challenge – the stations are actively looking!

By OnAirCoach