Rejection – How to Cope.

How does it feel to be rejected?

Not nice! That just about sums it up!

In this business of ours, rejection is part of the process. Whether that’s job rejection, idea rejection, or rejection by being ignored. 

We face rejection every day. Only yesterday, two people unsubscribed from our weekly mail-out. That’s a form of rejection. Did we like that? No, of course not. We are passionate about people and want to do the very best we can for everyone. It’s our life. When someone rejects that…it hurts. We’re human. 

So, how do YOU cope with rejection?

Here are some ways:

* Accept that it happened and guess what…shit happens!!

* Remind yourself that you are doing your best and not everyone will appreciate that yet.

* Go easy on yourself. There are enough critics out there ready to tell you how you’re screwing up. Be your own cheerleader.

* Look for lessons. Is there something you can learn from this that can help you in the future?

* Eat some chocolate. Self-care and all that 😉

We all get rejected. This is a tough industry. It isn’t nice but it happens.

We think you’re great…if that helps 🙂 

By Nails Mahoney