Challenge 3 Submissions Received.

Sadly,  Contestant Ben Ellis had to bow out of the contest.  He is AMAZING and will be such an asset to a future company! That means just 4 remain and so, the judging begins! We can’t wait to reveal the WINNER of RadioStar ’23 in the Final Show! 


NOW…This is where the FUN BEGINS 😀
#RadioStar23 #FinalFive Sarah Nick , Grace NicollBen EllisBenjamin Udoh, Simon Abberley – https://lnkd.in/eGJvB4dJ

Sadly, Ben Ellis had to leave the contest.

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RadioStar '23 Judging has Ended! The scores are in, the counting begins,
then we reveal your Final TOP 5!

Who will make it through; Grace, Alex, Benjamin, Simon, Sarah, Ben…

Listen / watch all  the contestants Stage 2, Challenge 2 Submissions-

RadioStar '23 Challenge 2 Deadline 7th Oct...then it's in the judges hands!


Congratulations, Top 7.

Benjamin, Simon, Ben, Grace, Sarah, Mary Anne & Alex

You’ve made it to Stage 2. Watch your inbox over the next few days for your 2nd Challenge!

Thanks to our judges and mentors who rolled their sleeves up and helped us out for Stage 1. 

We lose, Jack, Katherine, Claudine and Ryan at this stage but they have done incredibly well. Listen / watch their  Challenge 1 Submissions on the RadioStar Page (Challenge 1)

😀 It’s happening, it’s exciting and you’re invited tomorrow evening LIVE ON YOUTUBE on www.youtube.com/@onaircoach  – 8PM … SPREAD THE WORD!!
Mary Anne Ivison , Ben Ellis , Benjamin Udoh , Jack Donnelly , Katherine Powell , Sarah Nick , Grace Nicoll , Simon AbberleyRyan Galpin , Alex Irons , Claudine Smith

Aug '23




🎉🌟 This year, RadioStar is totally revamped and ready for 2023! It’s our 6th year of RadioStar, the only international Radio Talent Search.

🌍🎙️ But this year it’s extra exciting!

📢 We’ve opened up the contest to everyone over 18 who thinks they’ve got that special something.

🤩 It’s not just about winning. Our mission has always been to provide a platform for showcasing talent to the broadcasting industry. And guess what? This year, we’re taking things to a whole new level! 🚀

📻 We’ve called out to all broadcasters, potential broadcasters, podcasters, vloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers to join the party! 🎉📺🎥💫

We want them to showcase their skills and passion for TV, radio, vlogging, YouTube, podcasting, voiceovers, and more!

Let their creativity shine in documentary, sports, comedy, science, pop culture, or any other audio/visual content they love. 🎬🎤🎧

We’ve introduced – Categories

🔥 We’ve already selected 11 incredible contestants to take part in this thrilling journey.

🌟 We’ve introduced a brand new ‘Mentor Feature’ to give our contestants the support they need to succeed. How does it work? Well, when we received entries in March, we asked each contestant to fill out a questionnaire. We wanted to know all about their personal information, preferences, dream jobs, and inspirations. Based on their responses, we’ve tailored a unique challenge just for them. 📝✨

🤝 And here’s the exciting part: each contestant now has their very own mentor! 🎓💪 Each mentor has been handpicked based on their expertise and compatibility with the contestants’ goals. Together, they’ll create and conquer their challenges. The deadline for submissions is July 31st 🗓️🔮

👩‍🏫 As a mentor, you have the power to decide how much time you dedicate to your assigned contestant.

Your main role is to guide them, while providing valuable advice and assistance to ensure successful completion.

🤝📋 We’re not only focused on the challenge itself but also on helping contestants progress in their careers and achieve their personal goals.

Looking forward to hearing / seeing what kind of magic they’ll bring! 🌟✨

We are thrilled to be part of this amazing journey and can’t wait to experience ‘Challenge 1’ with all its surprises.

🎉🔥 This brand new ‘Mentor Feature’ is going to add a whole new level of fun to RadioStar!

Keep updated at www.onaircoach.net/radiostar 🎶🎉🎙️🌟

Mary Anne Ivison, Sarah Nick, Ben Ellis, Benjamin Udoh, Grace Nicoll, Ryan Galpin, Alex Irons, Claudine Smith, Simon Abberley, Katherine Powell, Jack Donnelly

Get ready for 🌟 RadioStar 23 🌟 as we unveil our top 10 contestants for stage 1. This year’s competition breaks new ground, welcoming content creators, vloggers, podcasters, and anyone who believes they have what it takes. 🎉 We’ve received entries from all corners of the globe, and we extend our gratitude to each and every participant. 🙌 Even those who don’t make it to the next round will receive something special from the contest, so watch this space for updates. ✨

Prepare for a fresh set of challenges and a revamped judging process in this year’s edition. 🌟 Join Nails & I live on the OnAirCoach YouTube channel this Friday, June 23rd, at 8pm GMT, as we reveal the highly-anticipated top 10 contestants for RadioStar 23. 🎙️🌟 Don’t miss out on this exciting event! 🔥


🏆 The winner of RadioStar ’23 will receive 

* invaluable guidance 

* personalized coaching organised by OnAirCoach

* support from hand-picked industry professionals to kick-start their career in whatever they decide to do next. 🎉✨

27th March 2023


Let’s get nostalgic as we go back to 2018 where it all started!
🎤 PLUS how YOU can enter RadioStar ’23!
The Only International Radio Talent Search.
🌟 #podcast #talent

24th March 2023

Final BootCamp!

radiostar bootcamp 2023

starts again in a few weeks time.
We’ve had 5 winners since 2018! Will you be our 6th?
RadioStar Bootcamp is for those who want help creating their entry. We have advice from previous winners and contestants, tips on what the judges look for and it’s a chance for you to meet us and the other contestants entering this year!
Looking forward to our first group tonight!

20th Feb. 2023

RadioStar Bootcamp kicks off next month.

Why Join Bootcamp?

When you enter RadioStar, the goal is to make it to the Top 25…because that’s when judges are allowed send feedback and to comment on your audio.

70% of last year’s Bootcamp attendees made it to the Top 25 and 7 of the Top 10 came from Bootcamp.

So, if your goal is to get noticed by programmers, the chances of that happening are better via Bootcamp. Makes sense 🙂

RadioStar is always free to enter…but there is a fee for attending Bootcamp.

Let’s face it…if it gets you noticed by the right people quickly, then it’s worth it.

UPDATE - 17th Feb. 2023

Hard to believe it’s been 4 months since Hawa Kassam won RadioStar ’22 and boy, has she been a busy little bee! Nails and I have been working with Hawa every week and she is doing absolutely amazing! So, so proud of what she has achieved so far! She recently took a trip to Dubai and caught up with our runner up; Jason Charles who also bagged himself a full time job because of RadioStar! Don’t they look great!  Well done to you both and to all our RadioStars who continually amaze us everyday with their incredible talents!

Recent RadioStar news –

WELL DONE  – RadioStar ’21; Rosa Serret has a new podcast from Australia – ‘The Down Under Diaries’ and RadioStar 2020; Alice Vickery is in Brunei with BFBS…

Am so looking forward to hearing your entry for RadioStar ’23! 

In the meantime you can sign up for Bootcamp or just wait  til April to enter! 

BootCamp returns in March and NOW is the time to reserve your spot. 

You get advice from last year’s Finalists, hints from PDs worldwide and hands-on advice on how to make the most of your RadioStar experience.

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