Are You The Rebel Rouser?

Rabble Rouser. Mischief Insigator. Spark Plug.Are you one of these? Radio is entertainment.It’s showbiz.It’s creative. Creativity feeds off originality and disruption. Radio is starved of both. Radio needs both. Are you going to provide it? Do you have the spark, the ambition and mischief? – Let’s hear that on air.– Let’s hear the passion.– Let’s hear the creativity. * Challenge […]

Fall In Love With Radio

Ride the Intro.What does that mean?REALLY mean?? On the surface, it means hitting the vocals.Technically easy enough. But when WE say ‘Ride’ the Intro…we mean it in the Irish way.In Ireland, the term ‘Ride’ is sexual.It literally means making love. That’s what we’re talking about. Make love to the intro. Caress it.Stroke it.Flirt with it.Play with it.Embrace it.Become one with […]

Strip The DJ!

If The Smiths were releasing songs now, they would have to rename one, “Strip The DJ”. That’s what has been happening slowly over time.The radio presenter has gradually been stripped of personality, originality and innovative creativity. Form Guides, short sighted formatic rules and fear have reduced the role to selling contests, selling music and selling morning shows. We have moved […]

All You Need Is LOVE!

Do you love what you do? I mean LOVE!! Do you think about your job, career, gig in the same way you think about the love of your life? * Do you go to sleep thinking about it?* Do you wake up excited by the thought of it?* Do you miss it when it’s not around?* Do you talk to […]

It’s The Weekend!

It’s the weekend.How do you announce that to your listener without saying… “Hey it’s the weekend”“We’ve made it”“Finally, you’re free”.etc. etc. What can YOU do to connect, to stand out, to disrupt? Can you make other radio people stop and say “Wow, I wish I thought of that”? We’ve all done the standard weekend link.Been there. Done that. They’re stale. […]


“Today is Saturday, February 17th 2024…”We know.We all know. Why start a link with that? Can you think of a better way to connect? – Challenge the status quo– Be bold with wild abandon.– Get uncomfortable.

Hello 👋

When you arrive at a friend’s house, what’s the first thing you do?– You say “Hello.”You dont walk in, wait 15 minutes and THEN say Hi. On the radio, do you have to wait three songs before speaking?Why do we wait? A quick “Hi” is enough.Out of news, top hour ID…whatever. Radio’s power is it’s personal element.Be personal.Let them know […]