Be Like James Brown.

Monday morning arrived and I opened up the laptop for the first time since Friday evening. There were emails and messages and links to deal with. No problem! Two days of unwinding meant I am in a great position to take on the new week.

There was a time (up until mid-2020) when we worked seven days a week and up to 14/15 hours a day. 


Because we were told that was how to get ahead.

Turns out…it’s not a great idea.

You may see people like Gary Vaynerchuk tell you to ‘crush it’ by never stopping. “You need sleep? – you’ll never succeed!” If that works for you – great. All it achieved was making me feel ‘constantly on’ and when something is constantly on….it eventually breaks down.

So, now we work hard during the week, Monday to Friday. Writing, coaching, listening, producing, recording, networking. Then we stop and breathe.

Over the weekend we actually watched ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix…yep, only getting around to it now!

Take time for yourself. Unwind. Relax. Stop working.

Collapsing from exhaustion is no badge of honour. 

Even James Brown took time off…and he felt good!! 😉

By Nails Mahoney