4 March 2019 Last week’s news that the Global entourage are sweeping in, making changes and closing 10 radio studios out of 24, which would result in a lot of staff being let go came as a real shock for a large number of Radio Presenters in the UK. Who could be affected?  Another reminder of how easily anyone can be bought […]

Gotta Be Cruel To Be Kind

Sometimes a PD has just got to be plain right brutally bloody honest!! You’ve  got someone on air, you see they have potential…If ONLY!! If ONLY they….yeah…“But how do I say it to them!!” Ok, you got the job as PD – this is your chance to make that person shine! You can see that hidden ingredient!! What’s wrong?? Don’t […]


We live in a competitive society. In order for you to succeed, someone has to fail. If you apply for a job and twenty other people also apply for the same job, then it makes sense that twenty will be unsuccessful. What happens when you are one of the twenty? What happens when you are constantly being ‘beaten’ by others? […]

“I Don’t Get Any Respect – Do You?”

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield was well known for that catchphrase. When he told jokes about how badly his life was going, he would follow them up with that line to summarise how he felt. As a radio person, have you ever felt something similar? Musicians, artists, comedians, actors, dentists, pilots, lawyers…they all gain respect from society. We hear that a 25-year-old […]