We live in a competitive society.

In order for you to succeed, someone has to fail.

If you apply for a job and twenty other people also apply for the same job, then it makes sense that twenty will be unsuccessful.

What happens when you are one of the twenty?

What happens when you are constantly being ‘beaten’ by others?

You apply for less ‘demanding’ jobs. Jobs that you feel you have a better chance of getting. 

You aim low.

When you succeed in getting the low target job, then you have succeeded in beating twenty other people who also see themselves as not good enough to achieve what they want to achieve.

You become marginally better than the rest of the low achievers.

Is that what you want?

To be the best of the rest?

Or do you want to reach your potential?

When you work against somebody else, you can always be better than them…because you can choose the opposition.

A grown man will always beat 12-year-old boys in a 100-metre race.

Is that success?

Has he reached his potential just because he won?

  • Try becoming competent at what you want.

That way, you will never fail yourself.

By Nails Mahoney