How to stop yourself going down rabbit holes.

You go to your emails to reply to an important message that needs attention ASAP. There’s a fresh one about the animation website you signed up for yesterday to possibly create characters for promos or ads in the future. One hour later you’re deep in creation mode, designing an outfit for a puppy that would look cute next to your character…and now you have completely missed the invoice deadline to get paid for that month! 

Ooops! You just fell down that Rabbit hole again! 

Happen a lot? 

I, for one am totally guilty and need to stop doing this myself.

How do we prevent this from happening …without sticking ‘post me’ notes all over your screen?


Good old fashioned Notebook, pen…and ALARM!  


  1. Title your Day – What’s the theme?
  2. What’s the first thing to do? Second, third…?
  3. Make allowance for breaks.
  4. If you’re going on social media, make a note of what you need to do on social media or the average time you will spend on your news feed.
  5. Once you’ve got your schedule, work out how long each task will take and write the time next to each one on your to-do list.
  6. NEXT…set your alarm for each task. If you’re not finished, just hit the snooze for a few mins more!
  7. It will eventually train you to be more disciplined, make your time countworkload smaller, spend less time on unnecessary news feed scrolling and get everything you planned to do that day…DONE! 

HAVE A GO! It works.

By Tracey