Three Things

Three things we spoke about in our talk recently with the students at Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education in Dublin.
1. Have an idea? Do something about it today. Anything!!
2. Know what makes you different to everybody else and embrace it.
3. You need to listen to your gut. Then use your head.

When we talk to an audience like this, mostly made up of people under 25, it’s so important to get the point across that time is of the essence.
It may appear that you have all the time in the world but it catches up with you quickly.
If you have an idea now…act now!!
Master it and continue to hone your craft.
Don’t wait.

For two reasons:
1. Procrastination just keeps on giving!
2. Someone else will eventually arrive at the same idea as you have…but will get there first.

You have something that no one else can offer.
Find out what that is.
Listen to yourself.
Trust yourself.
Invest in yourself.

Thanks to Melissa Brophy for the invite to speak.
Mel runs a fantastic programme at the college and their new studios are incredible. Kudos to you, Mel 🙂

What a great response and we’re very thankful to everyone who attended.

By OnAirCoach