Based in Malta, we have a great chance to listen to FM radio from here…and Italy. The FM signals from Sicily blast across the water and into our kitchen radio…and it’s really interesting to scan the dial. 

This week we were tuned in for the most part to networked Radio 105 (Radio Cento Cinque) and it’s an amazing listen.

Format is quite CHR with Italian hits, as you would imagine. That’s the music covered. As for the presentation…it’s like nothing you hear on your local stations. Guaranteed.

Most shows look and sound different. 

How? Well, the amount of double/triple and even quadruple-headers is amazing. Then, the show durations are completely different. Outside of breakfast, shows are either one or two hours long. That’s it! For example, from 6-8pm a show called ‘A Me MI Piace‘ (I Like It) is a five-person set-up. How many stations do you know have five people on air for two hours?? Or how about ‘13PM‘, a one-hour double-header.

Talk, feature and content-heavy, as you would imagine with so many people involved. It’s normal to hear one song, followed by a five-minute talk piece, song, five-minute talk piece and so on. Huge amount of content.

We will be discussing the station in more depth in Monday’s ‘Presenter Weekly‘ newsletter. You can grab your copy here and have it sent to you on Monday morning.

By Nails Mahoney & Tracey